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The gang, once again joined by Jewish social justice Carin Mrotz, breaks down the legislative budgeting, addresses the controversy surrounding bathrooms in public schools, discusses an unfortunate comment made about trains to prisons, and why do our tax dollars pay for panda sex?

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The gang analyzes Hillary's connection with "regular Iowans" and Marco Rubio's potential as a GOP candidate. They also break down the burgeoning "frenemy" relationship between the GOP Senate and Obama. And, when is a treaty not a treaty? Also, spank & thank. 

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The gang, bolstered this week by GOP Bowling Scion Amy Koch and DFL Lady Lawyer Emma Greenman, break down the end-of-session dealmaking, including the GOP bills on health care and the DFL senate's approach to Universal Pre-K.  Also, DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT A SENATOR.  Part 1 of 2 shows this week. #Umlauts.

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The gang, joined by lady labor lobbyist Julia Donnelly, analyzes the two newest entrants into the presidential race, who are sure to upset the left...and probably the right, too. Plus, they break apart Governor Dayton's State of the State, and have an excellent discussion about why "Indiana" cannot happen in Minnesota.

Also, bull semen.

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The gang is LIVE at Maple Lake Bowl, and they are joined by several very special guests, including Congressman Tom Emmer, bowling proprietor Amy Koch, a live audience full of rowdy Twin Cities progressives, and more!

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The gang, joined by Liberal Labor Lady Julia Donnelly, breaks down why Javier can't go to Indiana. Ted Cruz's announcement, and the Tip Penal...the Tip Credi...that tip thing, as well as restoring voting to convicted felons.


Read more: http://www.twincitiesnewstalk.com/media/podcast-wrong-about-everything-wrongabouteverything/wrong-about-everything-032815-25925179/#ixzz3VjiyvwFU

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The gang is joined by DFL Lady Lawyer Emma Greenman as they tackle a myraid of topics including Netanyahu's decision to back away from a two-state solution, the fact that Aaron Schock will apparently be very successful in two years as long as he doesn't end up in jail, Obama suggesting mandatory voting, and more. #nocasualracism

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Once again, the gang is joined by Jewish social justice activist Carin Mrotz, and they discuss the issue of 47 GOP senators conducting foreign policy, the Republic of Texas, #BlackLivesMatter, the Greek bailout crisis, and what not to put in your coffee.

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The studio is flooded with estrogen as Mike and Javier are joined by Emma Greenman and Amy Koch. They have their first ever civil discussion about education, plus they tackle Hillary's e-mailghazi, Dayton and Bakk bro-hugging it out, Obamacare, and then Minnesotans uncomfortable talk about race.

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The gang breaks down the Conservative version of Wrestlemania, and we follow up on Chuy's big day in Chicago. We break down the burgeoning DFL call center scandal (from 2006), talk about how expensive day care is for white people, and remind everyone that Javier is not Mexican. 

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The Wrong About Everything crew, joined again by new girl voice Gia Vitali, talks about their love of America and Obamas lack thereof, breaks down the Chicago Mayorial race and bid farewell to #BakkGhazi.

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It's raining men... Again. DFL consultant Andrew O'Leary joins the boys this week, filling in the empty fourth chair in the gang's first official A.D. (After Denise) episode. They discuss national and local Minnesota topics, including "anti-vaxers" being wrong about everything, the GOP still not having an Obamacare alternative, the fact that Millennials are ready for Hillary but they have no idea what they're talking about, and more.

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Mike and Brian finally find the time to sit down with two Millennials, democratic strategist Joey Davis and Wrong About Everything's very own Sam Sansevere, to give them a chance to speak out on current issues they and their Snapchatting peers are facing throughout their day-to-day lives in a segment dedicated to their great generation.

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It's raining men in the Wrong About Everything studios this week. Denise is MIA but democratic strategist Joey Davis fills her chair as the gang dives head first into discussing the Dayton budget, Boehner and McConnell bombing on 60 minutes, and more. Don't miss a major announcement at the end of the episode!

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In this bonus segment of Wrong About Everything, Denise still isn't in studio but Carin Mrotz still definitely is. Sunday sales really suck, hipsters decided that Minnesota is no longer the Midwest, beared people are "lumbersexuals," and more Minnesotan topics ensue.

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The gang is Denise-less, but is once again joined by straight white lady Carin Mrotz. The discussion focuses mainly on 2016 elections (and the fact that the GOP has approximately one million candidates), but that doesn't stop them from talking about the fact that Tom Brady loves balls, Obama wants to veto everything, and everyone at the State of the Union Address was a jerk but nobody saw it due to record low ratings. 

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This week, the show is all-white and all-straight for the first time due to the fact that Javier is out of town (probably in Mexico) so the gang is joined by straight white lady Carin Mrotz. They talk about the "craziness narrative" in the GOP, Obama surrendering to France, motorboatin' Mitt, and Brian not wanting to be a sparkly vampire. #TurkFact

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The gang discusses republicans taking over in Minnesota house and federal senate, the NYPD work stoppage, and is it true bipartisanship or Brokebakk mountain?

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The Millennial Falcon takes over the studio in light of the rest of the gang's absence, and the result is a global Millennial takeover, which apparently just means airing a compilation of Wrong About Everything's greatest inside jokes, funniest moments, and best segments.

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The gang partakes in beer drinking, gift giving, and mad-libbery in celebration of the inaugural non-demoninational holiday season acknowledgment live broadcast at Tin Whiskers Brewery.

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As 2014 comes to a close, the gang pays tribute to the end of Michelle Bachmann's reign and says farewell with a moving, heartfelt montage. Plus, Javier confesses his love for Elizabeth Warren shortly after getting stabby over everything that was incorrectly said on last week's podcast. The gang also discusses Minnesota being the 2nd worst state in which to be black, the Senate releasing the CIA's torture report, and more.

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The gang, sans Javier but joined by DFL Lobbyist/Activist Sarah Walker, discusses Rand Paul and the Garner decision, Denise having a rough time on Almanac last week, fossil fuels being here to stay, plus Mike and Javier don't know how to clean dishes and Brian didn't even try. #stank

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The gang gathers at Denise's house to say all that they are spankful for and eat grape salad. They are later joined by two real live Native Americans (one is 7/32nds Native American, but who is counting, anyway?) to discuss the origins of Thanksgiving.

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Amy Koch replaces Mike as the funny republican woman this week, and the gang offers guidance on how to speak with your political opposite at Thanksgiving dinner, they discuss immigration overreach, and being a homo-genius.

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The gang continues the ongoing story of #pointergateghazi, brings back the popular segment "Republicans Gone Wild," and analyzes the public statements of Obamacare architect MacGruber. 

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The gang is joined by professional psychic Ruth Lordan and a magic 8 ball to make their election predictions. Plus, Denise is living off of Diet Mt. Dew and Mike is Brian's Angelina Jolie.

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Mike & Brian, Talkin' Movies!  With Erik Stolhanske!

Mike & Brian interview Erik Stolhanske - you may know him as "Rabbit" from Super Troopers!  (and, other stuff.)

Erik is also the Chair of the MN Film and TV Board, and we discussed, among other things, "Snowbate" and its positive effects on MN's economy.  

Truly a classic discussion with an awesome guy! 


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The gang talks local Minnesota polls, Chris Christie's visit to Minnesota, and they keep the Ebola talk to a minimum. Plus, Denise gets stabby defending teacher's unions.

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In this episode, the gang left the safety of the studio and confiscated all pleated pants from their LIVE audience at the Tin Whiskers Brewing Co. taproom in downtown St. Paul. 

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In this episode, the gang left the safety of the studio and confiscated all pleated pants from their LIVE audience at the Tin Whiskers Brewing Co. taproom in downtown St. Paul. 

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WAE fan Eric from Rockford came up with this audio which is perfect in so many ways.  Listen to our new promotional show as he tees up the "Puerto Rican Heat" Javier vs. "Twin Cities Sugar" Brian.  


Remember - no pleated pants. 

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#11 The gang previews the upcoming Aug. 12 primary elections in Minnesota.  Javier alerts Mike that war has been declared on him, and the gang interviews radio legend Tom Barnard.

The gang previews the upcoming Aug. 12 primary elections in Minnesota.  Javier alerts Mike that war has been declared on him, and the gang interviews radio legend Tom Barnard.  

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#10 Hot topics include Jesse Ventura, the Archbishop, GOP Primaries, and ponders their newfound international fanbase, which consists of 3 French people. Hashtag Benghazi.

The gang discusses hot topics including Jesse Ventura, the Arch Bishop, GOP Primaries, and ponders their newfound international fanbase, which consists of 3 French people. Hashtag Benghazi.

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The gang addresses the catholic church, the NFL, monkeys, the death penalty, and mad libbery.

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#8 Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Kluwe & Aren't Dinosaurs Just Jesus Ponies?

The Gang discusses Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Kluwe & Observes that Dinosaurs are Jesus Ponies!

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#7 Minnesota Republicans Gone Wild, Bonerific William Harding & much more.

Minnesota Republicans Gone Wild, Bonerific William Harding & much more.

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The Republican Boys crow about denying women contraceptives. And, no, they don't get the irony.

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Obama's Lunch at Matt's and Fundraising Tour

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Javier reflects on his time in the pokey.

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#3 MN GOP Convention SlapFest 2014 is analyzed

MN GOP Convention SlapFest 2014 is analyzed

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