Wrong About Everything

Brian and Carin are joined by Americans for Prosperity's, Jason Flohrs, and filling in for Javier, THE John Stiles. The debates were hard to watch, did anyone make themselves look good, or was it just the opposite? The future of '2020.' Justice John Roberts giving us plenty to talk about with his decisions. Ilhan Omar continues to be scrutinized, for everything. And the easiest way not be apart of Pride if you don't agree, just don't go.

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Javier and Carin, who is finally back, are joined by the ever returning Jason Flohrs and former Minnesota House Majority Leader, Matt Dean. Well, the concentration summer camps are open and filling up quickly. Immigration Reform Jason also makes an appearance. Javier gives us a history lesson and warns of us of the coming deportations. 
And, we're going to war with Iran, wait, nevermind. It's Governor Flanagan, for a day. Also, Javier is still keeping busy and it's Matt Dean vs the squirrels. 

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Brian and Javier are joined by DFL Lady Lawyer, Emma Greenman and Americans for Prosperity's, Jason Flohrs. Brian tells his favorite Javier story. So what exactly did Trump say? Analyzing the George Stephanopoulos interview like its the Zapruder film. Quarantining Trump Derangement Syndrome, but who is actually afflicted? Also, Ilhan Omar's taxes, and relationships, have been called into question, again. One thing we can all agree on, campaign finance is confusing. And Javier is reacting to retirement in, different ways. 

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Brian, Amy, and Javier Ofjohnstiles are joined by lady lawyer, Emma Greenman. The census is happening, but it's a lot more complicated than you think. Joe Biden isn't into the Hyde Amendment, anymore. A cool, calm collected discussion on abortion follows. A quick stop at the klobo-shop. Campaign finance can be tricky. The feud between Javier and Andrew Zimmern is heating up, over ice cream. And Amy still continues to be the most famous person from Buffalo, MN. 

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Amy, Carin, and Javier are joined by Americans For Prosperity's, Jason Flohrs. Unpacking Mueller's statements, will he testify? We're not holding our breath. A pact on Twitter that Javier may need to tell us about. Is lobbying really going away? The swamp will always find a way to swamp.And, your one stop Klobo shop for all you need to know. 

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