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The gang is joined by TCNT's host of Closing Argument, Walter Hudson. Bill Cosby has been found guilty in his retrial: what this says about the cultural shift that is the aftermath of the #MeToo movement. The President and his favorite show, are they really that good of friends? The involuntary celibate community and their potential for scariness. In Minnesota news: accusations surrounding Rep. Rod Hamilton. And a surprising double thank from Brian.


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The gang to talk tax fights, TPaw finding some big dollas, everybody hating Jim Comey, everybody also hating Sean Hannity, and more.

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Councilman Mike Franklin and Lady Lawyer Emma Greenman join Javier and Brian again this week for some discussion of week's happenings. You know, just the crumbling of our Republic and everything we hold dear, nothing too broad.
They go in depth on the legality of the raid on Trump's lawyer. It's the end of the road for Paul Ryan and the gang shares their sentiments.
Meanwhile, here in Minnesota, a mummified monkey was found in the ventilation system of what was once Dayton's department store.

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The gang recently celebrated their 200th episode of the Wrong About Everything podcast, and to say thank you, to you the listener, they've decided to commemorate the event with a very special episode that is a stroll down memory lane, taking you through some highlights of the show’s prehistory up to the present.




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We've made it to 200 episodes! Brian and Javier are joined by Mike Franklin and Emma Greenman this week.
Tim Pawlenty is officially running for governor, and not everyone is thrilled about it. Oklahoma is having problems with their education system, and the gang has some thoughts on the institution as a whole. The latest in the Sinclair Media 'scandal.' And as always 

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