Wrong About Everything

Laura Sayles and the Otter (sometimes known as Jeremy Estenson) join the gang to talk vetos, Trump pulling out, vetos, Rebecca Otto naming her running mate, vetos, North Korea destroying their only known nuke site, and also SO MANY VETOS!!!!

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Carin and Javier are joined in studio by Jason Flohrs from Americans for Prosperity, and Brian McDaniel joins the gang through the phone, calling it in from the Capitol as the session wraps up.
Yet another school shooting sours the mood and things get a little heated while breaking down President Trump's, 'animals,' comment.
The gubernatorial race continues to get more and more interesting as Election Day draws nearer, and Brian gives us the scoop of what's currently going on at the Minnesota Legislature.

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Amy Koch is back and is spearheading another great episode of WAE! Jason Flohrs from Americans for Prosperity, Laura Sayles from the MNA, and Mitra Nelson from 'Beyond the Shield' podcast join the round table this week.
The gang discusses the Iran Deal breakdown, the end of the Korean War and how it all ties back to Trump's foreign policy. Harsher penalties for freeway protesters and some local politic shop talk. And of course spanks and thanks.

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The gang talks about selective outrage when it comes to Michelle Wolf and Kanye West, Trump being up for a Nobel Peace Prize, democrats losing millennials, sexual harassment standard changes stalling in the senate, GHOSTBECKY!!!, and more.

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