Wrong About Everything

The gang kicks off the hour discussing their upcoming live event on Feb. 28th, the Feast of Fools, at Tin Whiskers Brewery in St. Paul! Listen for more info! They also discuss Sunday Sales making it past the house, Dave Osmek and his dreems, attacks on Jewish Community Centers, and more!

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The gang hashes out Michael Flynn's resignation, Puzder being out, Sean Spicer providing plenty of entertainment, Mute-Ghazi on the MN House floor, the "Day Without Immigrants" protest, and more.

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Brian McDaniel is joined by Laura Sayles, Jason Flohrs, and Levi Weinhagen this week for a discussion on court action on Trump's travel ban, cabinet confirmations, and Vikings stadium drama.

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Thanks to Atom Robinson for recording an actual talent-filled cover of our "Ballad of Bowling Green." And thanks to Joe Bozic of Strike Theater for writing the lyrics!

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The Prairie Home Compadre is back! Plus, the gang talks Bowling Green, Trump gettin' into more Twitter fights, and more.

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