Wrong About Everything

Amy, Brian and Carin are joined this week by rookie legislator and pie enthusiast Peggy Flanagan. Together they explore the misogynistic tendencies that are still entrenched within the American political system, meanwhile Brain is still left wondering if anyone brought pie.

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The ladies of Wrong About everything take over as they dive deep into the Minnesota Legislative Session. They get live updates from various sources as the session draws to a close.

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Brian and Amy are back and depressed as every about their party's presumptive nominee.  In Minnesota news, we wonder why the hell we can't just buy a damn beer on Sunday.  Also, what are Minneapolis police officers thinking with that work slowdown?

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The gang is joined by Jr. Lightskinned Correspondent and PJ Media guy Walter Hudson as well as State Representative Nick Zerwas for a very interesting conversation on Trump's love of Hispanics, the crash and burn of Cruz, Kasich dropping out (wait, who?), Hillary offending Native Americans, bonding bills, and more. 

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