Wrong About Everything

The Otter and Kara are back in studio, joining Brian and Javier this week. The 'muslim ban,' what it actually is and our feelings about it. And calling out some local legislators for being unclear on the subject.
Javier and the war on workers with the latest Janus decision.
The farmers are mad at the DFL, and maybe we're not so different after all. Plus, Brian's problem with Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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The gang discusses Trump's executive order on family separation, the mystery behind the reason Melania wore a cheap painted jacket, Trump heading to Duluth, and more.

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Max Rymer from Kip & Max Save the World podcast, joins the gang. The now world famous climbing racoon turned down a guest spot on the show and trolled Javier on Twitter.
The Inspector General report and the freakishly tall, and now 'insubordinate' Comey. The good, the bad, and the ugly of the North Korean peace summit. Some local politics to close the show and cleanse the palate, with a very special deep cut of Cher this week.

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Carin & Amy are joined by Jason Flohrs and Laura Sayles as well as Javier over the phone this week. Unpacking the recent nominations in both parties, as well as primary predictions. If the Democratic party gets it together, could they actually pull it off? Good thing there's nothing going on nationally... Amy takes it back to 2006 for her 'Thank' this week.

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Immigration attorney Kara Lynum joins the conversation this week. The Minnesota Political Convention and  the Minnesota gubernatorial race and who's going to win it. Kara sets the record straight on all the misinformation swirling around, regarding immigration, missing unaccompanied minors, and day care fraud. The gang shares their thoughts on Roseanne & Samantha Bee, and the things that they say.

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