Wrong About Everything
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This week it's Javier, Carin, Brian and Former Jordan City Councilman, Mike Franklin. Did their primary predictions come true? Some more than others, with a few surprises. The urban/rural divide was more evident than ever in the latest primaries. Keith Ellison and the fall out, what is the truth? And what went so wrong for Lori Swanson.

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Brian and Carin are joined this week by professional busy person, Amy Koch, and DFL lawyer and lobbyist, Matt Bergeron. The weekend is too long when the primaries are next week. Lori Swanson runs a tight ship with her 'campaign budget.' Predictions all around. And the Right to Work in the deep, 'blue,' south.

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Carin and Brian are joined by immigration attorney Kara Lynum and Walter Hudson, host of TCNT's Closing Argument, dive deep straight away into the Blevins shooting in Minneapolis and police tactics. The "Problem" with Tim Pawlenty. And Donald Trump can't seem to get along with anyone, even the Koch brothers, which leads us to, Globalism vs Free Trade.

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