Wrong About Everything

The gang is joined by panda hatin' social justice activist Carin Mrotz and Republican otter lobbyist Jeremey Estenson to discuss Javier's insane Pride weekend partying following the SCOTUS ruling making same-sex marriage a right nationwide. Plus, the talk Minneapolis' racist lake and Obamacare.

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The gang, joined by panda hatin' Carin Mrotz and former senate majority leader Amy Koch, hash out their thoughts on the Charleston church shooting, a potential senate coup, and Archbishop Neinstedt resigning.

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The gang, joined by labor lobbyist Julia Donnelly, dissects the special session and intramural DFL shenanigans. They're also joined by Senior Light-Skinned Correspondant Sarah Walker, who breaks down the Rachel Dolezal episode of "Orange is the New Black."

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The gang is joined by two liberal ladies, DFL lobbyist and advocate Sarah Walker as well as panda hater and social justice defender Carin Mrotz, to discuss the latest additions to the presidential clown car, auditor Otto, Brian's transformation into the furry lifestyle, and weird field trips.

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