Wrong About Everything

State Representative Nick Zerwas comes in-studio to share a bathroom story with the gang and to discuss the presidential race, Carly Fiorina's new starring role in American Horror Story, unimpressive Target boycotts, violent hippies, and more. Pl

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Jeremy Estenson joined Carin, Amy and Javier to talked Passover and, of course, the passing of Minnesota's Purple deity, Prince.  In national news, we covered the New York primary, Trump's delegate strategy, and Cruz's creepiest statement ever. Oh and Javier gets another superdelegate rant in.

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The gang explores Bill DiBlasio's "C.P. time" joke bomb and what's funny when one person says it but offensive when another one does.  In other words, lots of bleeping bleeps happen. We also discussed Ted Cruz's penchant for banning dildos and is love for soup.  Chunky soup.  In Minnesota news it's KHAAAAAAN!

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This week's episode is heavy on the left, both in content and voices, as Amy had an emergency and left Brian to hold down the Republican fort. The gang apologized to Alex, a listener from Austin, for all of the Bernie-bashing, and then spent the rest of the episode bashing Bernie. In Minnesota news, we gave a #JamarClark update and talked about the mass legislator Exodus (just in time for Passover!) from the State Capitol.

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The gang is joined by Mike Franklin and Senior Light Skinned Correspondent Sarah Walker to analyze every angle of the Jamar Clark case following the Hennepin County Attorney's Office announcement that they would not be charging the officers involved in a fatal shooting with Clark. They also take a look at the current climate of the presidential election, their buddy Wienerman, and more!

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