Wrong About Everything

The new Mueller report could be incredibly damning of the current administration, when will republicans bid ado to Trump? Who exactly is lying and who should be held accountable? In local news: the snow shoveling conspiracy. The removal of the 'mute button' at the capitol, plus, Brian's rough and tumble, 'goon' days. And, Amy Klobuchar and the Mark Dayton School of Negotiation. 

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Brian, Carin, Amy and Javier are all together in one place, for a Spanksgiving episode, that turns inappropriate real quick. The last few months of Dayton being governor and other Minnesota news. Laura Loomer vs Ilhan Omar ends in a Twitter ban. And only thanks and thanks for this special episode. 

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Brian, Carin, Javier are joined by Jeremy 'Otter' Estenson again this week! Election recounts and what's wrong with Florida? The gang tries to make sense of it all in the continuing fall out from the midterm elections. Nancy Pelosi vs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Not exactly. And, show Mark Dayton some respect!

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The gang is back together for the first time in a long time!
All together in one place, Brian, Carin, Javier and Amy have an election post mortem, where did the parties and candidates go wrong? Keith Ellison doesn't want anything to do with Carin & Javier's musical suggestions. And, what exactly is going on in Florida? 

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The second part of the gang's triumphant return focuses more on the Land of 10,000 lakes and all the goings on as the state prepares for the midterm elections. Dive in head first with these election predictions, and of course, we take some time for spanks & thanks. 


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After a couple weeks off, the gang is finally back from New York. Javier, Carin, and Brian are joined by lobbyist Jeremy 'Otter' Estenson, for a jam packed episode. Almost too much national news from the last couple weeks to fit into one episode but they did it.  The migrant caravan, asylum vs immigration, how it's not the same thing. And is the current administration fostering anti-semitic attitudes within the public? 

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