Wrong About Everything (general)

The gang takes an in depth look into presidential candidate and Minnesota senator, Amy Klobuchar. News articles and personal anecdotes provide analyses of her history of public service, but does she have what it takes to become Madame President?

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Comedian, John Gebretatose, joins this week while Javier's location remains undisclosed. The workplace lore of Amy Klobuchar, as well as her iconic presidential announcement. The gang speculates 2020 as prospects continue to shake out. And Ilhan is becoming a problem, what's Pelosi going to do about it? It's a national emergency in Trump's book, and an abuse of power in everyone else's. 

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Jason Flohrs of Americans for Prosperity and immigration attorney Kara Lynum join Amy and Javier this week. A recap of the State of the Union and why everyone in Virginia should just resign. The 'subtle' nuances of Black Face. Republicans need to chill out on AOC. In Minnesota news, Amy K's big announcement, and workplace etiquette.

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Lady lawyer, Emma Greenman joins the gang this week. The names are filing in for 2020, yet Carin continues to 'endorse' Sherrod Brown. But who and what is best for the country? In Minnesota news, there's a special election and the effort of making Labs the official state dog. Also, lemonade stands, legal marijuana and strong three legged stools. And, Amy is still at odds with the stamps and the post office in general. 

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The gang is joined by immigration attorney, Kara Lynum, who shares a story about her trip to the border. An interesting, spicy week in divisive politics on a national level. The government is reopened. The Covington Kids and what exactly does the MAGA hat really mean? In Minnesota news, some interesting bills were introduced on the capitol floor, and a special election takes place. 

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Brian, Amy, and Javier are joined by Labor Lobbyist, Laura Sayles this week. Recapping Plaid Prom and Amy's newfound activism. Ilhan Omar is a little irresponsible with her words at best and cringey at worst. Trump's lack luster catering event that's catching some flack, and Steve King's not-so-secret, secret. 

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The shutdown continues. Chuck and Nancy look like they took the log flume. Trump doubles down and is all in, at the same time, with his address. Amy Klobuchar can't get a meeting, so she takes to Twitter to deem it, 'uncool.' The legislature is back in session, it was a quiet week, aside from a fight over the rules. Remembering an Iron Range legend, Tom Rukavina. Beto takes a trip to the dentist, and no one cares. 

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The gang is back in 2019! Swearing in the new class of representatives in DC was not the only use of that term this week. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to bother people for unwarranted reasons. Buckle up, Elizabeth Warren will be running in 2020. Oh, and the shutdown is still happening. In Minnesota news, legislature is back in session starting next week and Garrison Keillor is leaving town. 

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It's the end of the year award show spectacular! A year in review from the gang. Minnesota or national politics, nothing is safe. Thanks 2018, you've been interesting to say the least. 

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Goodbye to Mattis and hello to Trump's terrible foreign policy decision. It looks like a shutdown in inevitable, which leads the gang down memory lane as they talk their favorite past government shutdown moments. And the Gofundme for the Wall is at a cool million. Thanks 2018, you did not disappoint. What in the heck is going on with Governor Dayton? 



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Trump really wants to 'shut it down!' and other things we've learned from that tense meeting with Schumer and Pelosi. And who is really to blame for all this? Recent Dems or old Repubs? Criminal justice reform just makes good dollars and sense. And maybe Minnesota republicans lost so bad because they were too 'Trump-like?' Also, there's a caucus block happening in Minnesota. 

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Brian, Carin, Amy, and Javier come together to celebrate Hanukkah and, the surplus. Oh no, France is burning! Is Minnesota headed that way too? A 'racially charged' tree takes the blame at a local precinct. Goodbye GHWB, everyone else, leave Hillary Clinton alone! And what is going on with Wisconsin?

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The new Mueller report could be incredibly damning of the current administration, when will republicans bid ado to Trump? Who exactly is lying and who should be held accountable? In local news: the snow shoveling conspiracy. The removal of the 'mute button' at the capitol, plus, Brian's rough and tumble, 'goon' days. And, Amy Klobuchar and the Mark Dayton School of Negotiation. 

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Brian, Carin, Amy and Javier are all together in one place, for a Spanksgiving episode, that turns inappropriate real quick. The last few months of Dayton being governor and other Minnesota news. Laura Loomer vs Ilhan Omar ends in a Twitter ban. And only thanks and thanks for this special episode. 

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Brian, Carin, Javier are joined by Jeremy 'Otter' Estenson again this week! Election recounts and what's wrong with Florida? The gang tries to make sense of it all in the continuing fall out from the midterm elections. Nancy Pelosi vs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Not exactly. And, show Mark Dayton some respect!

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The gang is back together for the first time in a long time!
All together in one place, Brian, Carin, Javier and Amy have an election post mortem, where did the parties and candidates go wrong? Keith Ellison doesn't want anything to do with Carin & Javier's musical suggestions. And, what exactly is going on in Florida? 

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The second part of the gang's triumphant return focuses more on the Land of 10,000 lakes and all the goings on as the state prepares for the midterm elections. Dive in head first with these election predictions, and of course, we take some time for spanks & thanks. 


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After a couple weeks off, the gang is finally back from New York. Javier, Carin, and Brian are joined by lobbyist Jeremy 'Otter' Estenson, for a jam packed episode. Almost too much national news from the last couple weeks to fit into one episode but they did it.  The migrant caravan, asylum vs immigration, how it's not the same thing. And is the current administration fostering anti-semitic attitudes within the public? 

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Brian and Carin are joined this week by immigration attorney Kara Lynum and Jason Flohrs from Americans for Prosperity. The democrats have leveled up in their political violence tactics, is it justified? What does being a sanctuary city actually entail? Where do candidates Walz and Johnson fall in this? The Attorney General race is heating up for sure: Keith Ellison's divorce records were unsealed this week and Doug Wardlow is concerned about the 'other' constitution. Jason isn't going to read Teen Vogue any more. 

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Brian and Carin are joined this week by Jason Flohrs of Americans for Prosperity and comic and podcaster, Brandi Brown. Election Day is nearing, will the campaign money hold out until then? Judge Kavanaugh is now Justice Kavanaugh, will it stay that way? Goodbye to Nikki Haley, we 'will remember you.' Keith Ellison's divorce records will be unsealed and available for all to see. The Minneapolis city council can't get on the same page on informing its citizens of their rights. Is it the end of civility in our country?


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Regulars, Mike Franklin and Javier, are joined by podcast host, Max Rymer and DFL Lobbyist, Matt Bergeron. Things get messy, again, as the bros make their way through Kavanaugh's possible confirmation. Javier lays into Lindsay Graham, well not literally. The guys somehow find their way to bipartisan agreement over the Keith Ellison allegations. 


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Carin and Amy are joined for this 'Girls Only' episode by Mahogany Plautz of Carve Salon in Minneapolis, and Producer Brianne from Twin Cities News Talk and the Wrong About Everything podcast, to discuss all the things that have been going on, through a woman's lense.
Diving head first into the Kavanaugh hearing, some of the finer cultural overtones shading this whole situation. How Clarence Thomas, his accusations, and subsequent hearing really set the tone and precedent. Did 'Bubba' Clinton ever really get his due? And in the larger picture, what can we as women, really do to make things better?


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Javier, Carin, Amy Koch and Walter Hudson from Twin Cities News Talk's, Closing Argument. It's been an extremely polarizing week in national politics, so that means things get pretty heated. The gang breaks down the ins and outs of the Kavanaugh hearing, and in some strange way figure out how to agree. And who exactly has been tracking Jeff Johnson? And the unsealing of Keith Ellison's divorce records.  


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Javier, Brian, Carin and Mike Franklin tackle the most important issues happening in the political sphere. They break down the opposing sides of the Kavanaugh abuse issue. Sex scandals that have come out in the current #MeToo climate, why they're different than before. Diving deep into women's issues, and why they affect all of us.

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Carin and Brian are joined this week by Jason Flohrs from Americans for Prosperity and immigration attorney, Kara Lynum. Hurricane Florence will soon make landfall and where Trump actually fits into all of this. How ICE may be in some way involved, and the bad prioritization throughout the government at large. Why we are, and should still be talking about Puerto Rico. KSTP has released some new polls and the results are somewhat surprising, but not for why you may think. Oh, and Jason is now a social justice warrior. 

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It was the dumbest week in US political history, and Javier, Mike, Brian and John Stiles are here to break it all down! From the Brett Kavanaugh hearings to anonymous leakers, there is plenty of news to talk about this week!

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This week it's Javier, Carin, Brian and Former Jordan City Councilman, Mike Franklin. Did their primary predictions come true? Some more than others, with a few surprises. The urban/rural divide was more evident than ever in the latest primaries. Keith Ellison and the fall out, what is the truth? And what went so wrong for Lori Swanson.

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Brian and Carin are joined this week by professional busy person, Amy Koch, and DFL lawyer and lobbyist, Matt Bergeron. The weekend is too long when the primaries are next week. Lori Swanson runs a tight ship with her 'campaign budget.' Predictions all around. And the Right to Work in the deep, 'blue,' south.

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Carin and Brian are joined by immigration attorney Kara Lynum and Walter Hudson, host of TCNT's Closing Argument, dive deep straight away into the Blevins shooting in Minneapolis and police tactics. The "Problem" with Tim Pawlenty. And Donald Trump can't seem to get along with anyone, even the Koch brothers, which leads us to, Globalism vs Free Trade.

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Carin, Javier, Mike and Brian give a Minnesota Tonight recap of the gang's appearance, Javier celebrates a big birthday, and doesn't want to be reminded. President of the EU makes an appearance, and makes everything better?  Javier breaks down his issue with 'LatinX.' Polling is suddenly a hot topic. And the gubernatorial race is heating up in Minnesota, with no indication of where it's headed. 

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The gang discusses Trump embracing Putin with open arms and then feeling the GOP heat from the backlash that followed. Plus, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be the GOP's best hope and Rick Nolan is kinda creepy.

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This week it's Javier, Mike, Carin and Jason!
Things jump off quickly while discussing the Brett Kavanaugh as the Supreme court nominee. Carin reports on the Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison rally. It's that time again to make fun of political ads, and the gang is merciless. New segment, Parks and Racists. And Mike finds Kavanaugh's baseball ticket credit debt unacceptable.

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The OG gang is back together with Brian, Carin, Javier and Mike!
Jumping off with where they were when the second civil war broke out. Scott Pruitt's break up letter with the Trump administration.
Jim Jordan is the latest in disgraced public figures dealing with sexual abuse, this time accused of covering it up. And where they will be when the war invasion of Venezuela happens. Brian is upset over the municipal ID issue in Minneapolis. And the many jobs of Tim Pawlenty and the future of the GOP in the gubernatorial race.


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The Otter and Kara are back in studio, joining Brian and Javier this week. The 'muslim ban,' what it actually is and our feelings about it. And calling out some local legislators for being unclear on the subject.
Javier and the war on workers with the latest Janus decision.
The farmers are mad at the DFL, and maybe we're not so different after all. Plus, Brian's problem with Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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The gang discusses Trump's executive order on family separation, the mystery behind the reason Melania wore a cheap painted jacket, Trump heading to Duluth, and more.

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Max Rymer from Kip & Max Save the World podcast, joins the gang. The now world famous climbing racoon turned down a guest spot on the show and trolled Javier on Twitter.
The Inspector General report and the freakishly tall, and now 'insubordinate' Comey. The good, the bad, and the ugly of the North Korean peace summit. Some local politics to close the show and cleanse the palate, with a very special deep cut of Cher this week.

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Carin & Amy are joined by Jason Flohrs and Laura Sayles as well as Javier over the phone this week. Unpacking the recent nominations in both parties, as well as primary predictions. If the Democratic party gets it together, could they actually pull it off? Good thing there's nothing going on nationally... Amy takes it back to 2006 for her 'Thank' this week.

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Immigration attorney Kara Lynum joins the conversation this week. The Minnesota Political Convention and  the Minnesota gubernatorial race and who's going to win it. Kara sets the record straight on all the misinformation swirling around, regarding immigration, missing unaccompanied minors, and day care fraud. The gang shares their thoughts on Roseanne & Samantha Bee, and the things that they say.

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Laura Sayles and the Otter (sometimes known as Jeremy Estenson) join the gang to talk vetos, Trump pulling out, vetos, Rebecca Otto naming her running mate, vetos, North Korea destroying their only known nuke site, and also SO MANY VETOS!!!!

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Carin and Javier are joined in studio by Jason Flohrs from Americans for Prosperity, and Brian McDaniel joins the gang through the phone, calling it in from the Capitol as the session wraps up.
Yet another school shooting sours the mood and things get a little heated while breaking down President Trump's, 'animals,' comment.
The gubernatorial race continues to get more and more interesting as Election Day draws nearer, and Brian gives us the scoop of what's currently going on at the Minnesota Legislature.

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Amy Koch is back and is spearheading another great episode of WAE! Jason Flohrs from Americans for Prosperity, Laura Sayles from the MNA, and Mitra Nelson from 'Beyond the Shield' podcast join the round table this week.
The gang discusses the Iran Deal breakdown, the end of the Korean War and how it all ties back to Trump's foreign policy. Harsher penalties for freeway protesters and some local politic shop talk. And of course spanks and thanks.

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The gang talks about selective outrage when it comes to Michelle Wolf and Kanye West, Trump being up for a Nobel Peace Prize, democrats losing millennials, sexual harassment standard changes stalling in the senate, GHOSTBECKY!!!, and more.

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The gang is joined by TCNT's host of Closing Argument, Walter Hudson. Bill Cosby has been found guilty in his retrial: what this says about the cultural shift that is the aftermath of the #MeToo movement. The President and his favorite show, are they really that good of friends? The involuntary celibate community and their potential for scariness. In Minnesota news: accusations surrounding Rep. Rod Hamilton. And a surprising double thank from Brian.


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The gang to talk tax fights, TPaw finding some big dollas, everybody hating Jim Comey, everybody also hating Sean Hannity, and more.

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Councilman Mike Franklin and Lady Lawyer Emma Greenman join Javier and Brian again this week for some discussion of week's happenings. You know, just the crumbling of our Republic and everything we hold dear, nothing too broad.
They go in depth on the legality of the raid on Trump's lawyer. It's the end of the road for Paul Ryan and the gang shares their sentiments.
Meanwhile, here in Minnesota, a mummified monkey was found in the ventilation system of what was once Dayton's department store.

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The gang recently celebrated their 200th episode of the Wrong About Everything podcast, and to say thank you, to you the listener, they've decided to commemorate the event with a very special episode that is a stroll down memory lane, taking you through some highlights of the show’s prehistory up to the present.




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We've made it to 200 episodes! Brian and Javier are joined by Mike Franklin and Emma Greenman this week.
Tim Pawlenty is officially running for governor, and not everyone is thrilled about it. Oklahoma is having problems with their education system, and the gang has some thoughts on the institution as a whole. The latest in the Sinclair Media 'scandal.' And as always 

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The Ghost of Mike Franklin returns to join the gang as they bid farewell to H.R. Pufnstuf and discuss a variety of topics including the Austin bomber, Cambridge Analytica, the big ol' budget, and more.

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Another exit from the Trump administration, cue the Sarah McLachlan music. Pennsylvania's special election, and what that means for November 2018. Javier's meniscus tear. Meanwhile, Richard Spencer & co are at it again, this time proposing segregated 'ethno states.' And the craziness that was the Minneapolis convention.

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Mike Franklin is back from the dead, and things start to feel like old times quickly.
Breaking down what tariffs actually mean for the steel industry and this country. Javier's 'Bernie Sanders' weighs in.
It's a full house with the roster of names talked about, Stormy Daniels, Drunk Nunberg, Old Timey Guy, just to name a few.
St. Paul is still boring. And a story about actual chimpanzees growing marijuana in Wisconsin.


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Taking a moment in remembering Hope Hicks long White House career. Trump's calligrapher has higher security clearance than Jared Kushner. '45' is coming for the guns, right? Delta hastily terminated its agreement with the NRA, and no one is happier for it.
Some gun talk, and then some more gun talk.
Who audits the auditors?
Meanwhile in Texas, political donations of deer semen are commonplace?


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The gang discusses the gun control conversation that has followed the shooting at a Florida school and that has evolved into some rowdy CNN townhalls, Trump wanting to arm teachers, the Sheriff's deputy that never went into the building, and more. Plus, some ladies don't like the sexual harassment training at the capitol, Governor Dayton is bringing up licenses (AGAIN), and a moment of silence for Moose Country before Spanks and Thanks.

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Jason Flohrs of Americans for Prosperity and Lobbyist Jeremy 'Otter' Estensen join the gang for some hot political discussion this week. In the wake of the tragic Florida school shooting, they delve into gun rights, ability to purchase, mental illness, and intervention strategies.Robert Mueller and his Friday indictments and how the democrats screwed immigration reform. Rick Nolan's empty seat and along with some local news. And of course, spanks and thanks.





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Who of the gang is making a possible run for office? Lots of Minnesota political news to wade through: Rick Nolan's empty seat, as well as the caucus results! DFL turnout sucked but still 3x better than Republican. Jeff Johnson wins class president, but the class bully is waiting in the wing to pound his ass. Otto comes out of the gate redefining “victory” and being shitty to everyone else.
In federal news, the government was closed, now it's open. Meanwhile, 77 year-old Nancy Pelosi spoke for eight hours, in four-inch heels, without taking a bathroom break; dreamers still got f**ked. And Trump's latest and greatest idea: a military parade. 

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Amy, Carin, Brian, and Javi-yay are back to discuss Trump's State of the Union, Andrew McCabe sort of stepping down before he retires, the release of the FISA memo, TPaw making a comeback, and more!

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Baby Javier is kickin' it with the gang as they discuss the Schumer Shutdown Showdown ending with a whimper, Trump apparently trying to fire Mueller, saying farewell to the Matt Dean gubernatorial campaign, and more.

Direct download: WAE_012618.mp3
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With John Stiles filling in for Javier, the gang tackles (ha ha, football puns) a variety of issues including the possibility of a government shutdown, Lindsey Port wanting justice, Jennifer Carnahan wanting commission, and more. Can you Diggs it?!

Direct download: WAE_011918_.mp3
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The gang discusses, with overwhelming consensus, Trump's 'sh*thole' comment blunder and what it means on the larger political scale; and the roster of nicknames President Trump has begun to accrue. It seems the issue of sexual harassment in the MN legislature isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

Direct download: WAE011217.mp3
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The gang talks about just how messed up the White House is right now, Trump vs. Bannon, Al Franken stepping down to make room for Senator Smith, Lt. Gov. Fischbach having all the jobs, Tom Bakk trollin', and more. 

Direct download: WAE_010517_.mp3
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The gang combs back through the archives of this year's shows to highlight, laugh and discuss some of their favorite bits and topics. 2017 was an interesting year, here's to what 2018 will bring!

Direct download: WAE122917.mp3
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In a very Holiday inspired episode, the gang discusses what they got for their hypothetical, public eye Secret Santas who probably have a well deserved spot on the naughty list this year, and also give their take on 'suggestive' Christmas songs of yesteryear. They also dig into the newly passed tax bill and the pros and cons that come with it. 

Direct download: WAE122217.mp3
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Roy Moore is out, and Old Timey Guy is in! The gang talks Amy & Tina, multi-tasking Republicans, 'Bama fun, and more.

Direct download: WAE_121517_.mp3
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The gang discusses the big political earthquake of the week--Sen. Franken's resignation. Also, Amy disputes Eric Dayton's claims to be the inventor of winter.

Direct download: WAE01.mp3
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Joined by Jason Flohrs and Sarah Walker, the gang discusses the latest unfolding in the Mueller investigation, General Flynn is out, and it looks like he could be in it deep. Things get a little heated while discussing the benefits and pitfalls of the new tax reform bill. The group is surprisingly one sided when discussing the offensiveness of President Trump's "Pocahontas" slur at Elizabeth Warren. And the latest in sexual misconduct in Minnesota with Al Franken and Garrison Keillor. 




Direct download: WAE120117.mp3
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The gang discusses this week in sexual harassment on Capitol Hill and also take a moment to reflect 'positively' what each member of WAE is truly thankful for this 'Spanksgiving.'

Direct download: WAE182.mp3
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Carin Mrotz, Amy Koch, and Sam Sansevere get together on a Sunday morning without the boys to share their personal stories and experiences relating to sexual harassment and sexism following the recent events and allegations coming to light.

Direct download: WAE_rightabouteverything1.mp3
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The gang discusses sexual assault allegations around the state and the reaction to them, including Senator Al Franken and a new accuser bringing to light a possible pattern of inappropriate behavior with Senator Dan Schoen. They also discuss the Minnesota Supreme Court upholding Dayton's veto of the legislature's budget, light rail, and more.

Direct download: WAE_111717.mp3
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Wrapping up a busy week in Minnesota, the gang responds to and reflects on sexual assault and harassment allegations being made against Minnesota senators and representatives. They also take a look at election results around the state and country.

Direct download: WAE_111017.mp3
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The gang talks about the terror attack in NYC, Mueller indictments, news from around Minnesota, and more. They also answer the age old question: WHOSE GUAC DID DONNA BRAZILE STEAL??

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Attorney Emma Greenman is in for Javier this week, the gang has a big announcement of other places you might start hearing WAE in addition to the podcast. They talk St. Paul's recent vendetta against mayoral candidate Melvin Carter and the DFL conundrum of supporting working rights of miners and being at odds with the mining companies over environmental protection. They also take time to pay their respects to the departure of Jeff Flake from the senate. They also hedge their bets on the implications of the JFK files being released: the consensus is, Geraldo-Capone safe opening level of disappointment.


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The gang discusses the fallout from the military incident in Niger and its political ramifications here at home, trouble in DNC paradise, the mess that is the Minneapolis city council race, political mailer faux pas, and 'Nazi' bike lanes. 

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The gang breaks down the New York Times article on Ely, division on the range, jobs, the environment, and Becky. Also, all is well at the White House -- ALL IS WELL!!!!!

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The gang finally gets an answer to the age old question of "Who wants pie?" Turns out, it was Tim Walz! Plus, they also discuss Puerto Rico, the Las Vegas Massacre, and more.

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The gang discusses Hurricane Maria relief efforts, Tom Price resigning, Trump's tax bill, and the state legislature/Governor budget veto.

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This week the gang discussed federal health care, the MN Leg failed mediation, and Amy & Carin breakup over snacks. 

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Once again, the happenings at our Nation's capitol draw some very similar parallels to the soundtrack of a certain broadway musical. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are salty because they weren't in the room where it happens, Chuck + Nancy cut some deals with Don, Downey has nice pants, and a St. Kates cop shot himself and blamed blacks. K.

Direct download: WAE_091517.mp3
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Rachel Stassen-Berger of the Pioneer Press joins the gang to discuss the news that broke just about an hour before recording that the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that Dayton's veto of the legislative budget was constitutional. They also discuss Hurricane Irma and more.

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Congressman and Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee Keith Ellison joins the gang in their state fair booth at the Great Minnesota Get Together before they're also joined by the Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota, Jennifer Carnahan. They also discuss DACA, fair foods, and more!

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The gang takes on the Great Minnesota Get Together for a very Wrong About Everything day featuring duck wontons, bacon fluffernutter, gubernatorial candidates, conversation on events around the country, and more. Their lineup of guests include comedian Brandi Brown, Jeff Johnson, Peggy Flanagan, and more.

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The gang discusses the aftermath of the Charlottesville white supremacist rallies and the ouster of Steve Bannon.

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Javier and Brian are joined by Laura Sayles and Jason Flohrs to discuss the craziest game of chicken ever, The Google Manifesto, Paul Manafort, elections, and more. 

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The gang pays homage to all things Amy K, who is joined by DFL Rep. Peggy Flanagan, Laura Sayles, and the ghost of Mike Franklin. They discuss the life and times of "The Mooch", get serious on immigration and health care, and break some news.

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It's another week of resignations as White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus says sayonara to his job following Anthony Scaramucci's weird interview with a CNN reporter. The gang, joined by comedian Brandi Brown, also chats about Trump's rando ban on transgender people in the military, a boy scout kerfuffle, and more!

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It's a busy week for the unemployment line! The gang talks about all the people quittin' their jobs, including Minneapolis Police Department Chief Janee Harteau. They also discuss the shooting of Justine Damond, the courts ruling against Dayton, and more.

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The gang is ready to rock! They discuss Dwayne Johnson's potential as a presidential candidate, Kid Rock running for Senate in Michigan, and the myriad of things that the Trump fam is up to that don't rock. 

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Republican Otter Jeremy Estenson joins the gang as they discuss health care, the super exciting Minnesota DFL Convention, #ButtholeGate, and more!

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The gang is dissed by every publication in Minnesota. They talk about Trump's Morning Joe tweets, Fight For 15, and take all the credit for Sunday liquor sales.

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T2P2 Tane Danger and Dennis Curley come in to quiz the gang in preparation for the 2017 Minnesota MID-Year-in-Review Quiz Show, live at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Plus, the gang discusses the verdict in Officer Jeronimo Yanez's case after he was not found guilty on any charge after the shooting of Philando Castile. They also talk about police officers at the Twin Cities Pride Parade.

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The gang records this week's episode just minutes after the news breaks of the verdict in the trial of Officer Jeronimo Yanez, and share their reactions. They also discuss the shooting at a GOP baseball practice in VA.

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The gang basks in their post-Comey glow following James Comey's hearing in front of the senate in addition to conversation on Dayton and Daudt heading to court, Trump's unusual silence, and more!

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Javier tells the entire Minnesota legislature to go covfefe themselves! Plus, Dr. Joe Hobot, President and CEO of American Indian OIC, joins the gang to discuss the controversial sculpture at the Walker Art Museum. They also discuss the Governor pulling out on the session, POTUS finally getting his head in the game courtesy of Kathy Griffin, and more!

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This week the gang summarizes the Minnesota Legislature's completion of its bi-annual budget and what you have to do to lose a race as a Republican in Montana.

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Amy and Brian are busy at the Capitol waiting for a #MNLeg deal so the liberals go rogue with Tane Danger!

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The gang discusses James Comey's firing, what is going to happen this weekend, state politics, and more!

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Jason Flohrs joins the gang in-studio as they celebrate Javier's favorite day of the year, talk AHCA, and more!

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The gang is all back together for the first time in a while to discuss Minneapolis politics as well as Amy's drinking problem near sacred grounds.

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House DFL Leader Melissa Hortman, known for her "white male card game" comments during a floor debate, calls in to the Wrong About Everything gang for an exclusive apology. The gang also discusses the anniversary of Prince's death, a dude nobody has ever heard of running for Governor, unicorn frappuccinos, and more!

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The gang is joined by Closing Argument host Walter Hudson (eventually) as they discuss flying the (un)friendly skies with United, Spicey's embarrassing Hitler comments, tensions with Syria, and more.

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