Wrong About Everything

Bonus Episode!  We were thrilled to be joined by former California Congresswoman Katie Hill.  Amy and Katie swap scandal stories, as well as her terrific new book "She Will Rise".

Buy She will rise wherever you get books (javier recommends the audio book narrated by Katie herself)


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We had a great time talking primaries and pronunciation.  

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MN Credit Union

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Mitchell-Hamline School of Law 

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This week's episode has been preempted in favor of a comprehensive discussion regarding Demon Sperm. We also discuss Demon Sperm's affect on our loved ones as well as people we see at the mall.
If you, or someone you know is struggling with Demon Sperm, please contact us about being a guest on next week's show!
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Who knew everyone was so passionate about masks.....This sucker went off.  Sorry for the screaming....We had some biological difficulty today....just couldn't seem to regulate emotions. 

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Much like our producer Gabe, this episode is LONG AND STRONG.  

We were thrilled to talk traunch with special guest Ryan Smith of MN Credit Union, and happy, but to a much lesser extent to be joined by Jason Flohrs as Amy's chair warmer.  

Thanks for listening and helping spread the word!

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This week we were joined by libertarian centaur Jason Flohrs.  Though he made many salient points, they were all overshadowed by his palpable desire to catch, kill, and devour a fully grown Elk.  

Thanks to our sponsors Bradshaw and Bryant, MN Credit Union, and William Mitchell Law School.  

Brian is missing in action in more ways than one....though one of the ways is this podcast.  


It's 3 am.  enjoy

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Happy Independence Day!

Plenty to talk about this week.  Great episode.  Our normal producer is in quarantine, so this description will be short.  But it really was a good one.

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This week we talk about Amy Klobuchar's honorable decision to withdraw from a race she wasn't really in.

We also talk about other state and national news, but this is the funniest story.

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Great episode this week, with 2 special guests!

We hear from the Defund the Police side of the political spectrum via Tony Williams, and Author and Historian Tom Weber drops by to tell some awesome Mpls history stories and plug his new book!  (which we recommend!)

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Special guest and sponsor Michael Bryant joins us to discuss all the legal ins and outs of whats ahead, and what is likely in store for the four ex-minneapolis cops who killed George Floyd.  

and as always....Trump.  

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With Lauren and Brian away, Javier and Amy discuss the tragic week in Minnesota.

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With Lauren and Brian away, Javier and Amy discuss the tragic week in Minnesota.

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310 good shows in a row!  

Thanks to our terrific guests:

Davis Senseman (davismeansbusiness.com)

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MN Credit Union 

Bradshaw & Bryant (Personal Injury Law)

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I'm in a hurry so no great description prose today, but suffice to say they are on a roll....really good one again.  Amy had a cute hat on.  

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Part 2 of fridays podcast...aka:  THE BEST PART!  

possibly the most intense arguing I've ever witnessed, and my parents hated each other, so that's saying something.

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From the Minnesota Credit Union Studio nestled deep within the MBC Studio Bunker situated at the foot of a HINGE EVENT, the squad does their thing.  Major fire works in part 2.  (which will follow soon after)

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livestream quarantine continues and our insides smell incredible.  

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quarantine livestream happy hour continues!  We are joined by the spectacular Mary Koppel from the University of Minnesota....she is an insider to all of this covid analysis/decision making and we were thrilled to get to hear her insights!  

If you want to see video and the source material we're talking about check out the livestream every friday at 3:15 on our facebook page.  

We appreciate your support in any form you can give it.  If you're able, we pay our staff using revenue generated from our patreon and sponsors (the hosts keep none of it).  

Thanks for listening!

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The EXPLOSIVE second part to friday's episode...We pick up where we left off talking about shelter in place and best practices moving forward.  Passions run hot leading to the debut of Lauren's raised voice!

Join us friday for our happy hour livestream on our facebook page at 3pm-ish.  

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We're back from the bunker!  Brian and Amy were 7 feet apart in studio, with Javier and Lauren coming from their respective locations....

This week we're splitting it into two parts.  We had some fireworks and ran long.  Both are good episodes!

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Everyone stayed in their respective bunkers and we did it remotely!

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No matter how dark things get, Happy Hour will lift us into the light!   We've got Brian and Javier in studio, with Lauren and Amy joining via Zoom.  We're trying to focus on the uplifting aspects, as well as some practical info from our guests.  

First up is our newest sponsor:  Michael Bryant from Bradshaw & Bryant Law Firm.  

Michael is a friend of the show and we were thrilled to welcome him as a guest and sponsor.  If you need legal help, especially personal injury....there is no one better to seek out than Michael and his team!


We were then joined by attorney K. Davis Senseman, founder of Davis Law Office.  Davis is an expert on all things business with a focus on helping businesses and families through this crisis. 

Again...If you or your business is looking for help in this time Davis has the official WAE seal of approval!


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Still living our best quarantine....hope everyone is staying safe (and sheltered in place).  

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Javier and Amy are living their best quarantine in the MBC Bunker...They welcome suspected carriers Brian and Lauren from their respective quarantines.  This one lifted spirits and we hope to keep going as long as we can!

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300th episode!!! Whoop Whoop! 

We talk Coronavirus on a national level and right here in Minnesota. 

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Brian and Lauren are joined this week by GOP Millennial, Will Dammann and Davis Senseman, a small business attorney. Super Tuesday and the South Carolina results. Lots of JOEmentum, Bernie's Bummers, an exit of Klobo, and the end of Public Enemy. 

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Brian, Amy and Javier are joined this week by attorney Mike Bryant of Bradshaw and Bryant. The satisfying verdict of Harvey Weinstein. The results are in from Nevada, just in time for the debates in South Carolina, and with Super Tuesday fun right around the corner! Or is it Super Klobo Tuesday? The Coronavirus is here, Trump in the burbs, and Minnesota Precinct Caucuses. 

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The gang dissects the latest round of debates, and the pandering of Amy Klobuchar in Nevada. The GOP's Public Safety in the cities. A 'Get Well' message for Jim Hagedorn. The Trump vs Barr bitch fest is really heating up. Brian's close encounter with the beyond. And of all people deserving of a pardon, Blagojevich comes to mind. 

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Happy Valentine's Day! The gang is joined by original member of the podcast and disgraced city council member, Mike Franklin. Gotta stop at the Klobo shop! Amy continues to maintain and even pull ahead. What the primaries actually mean, and why it's anyone's game for the nomination at this point. The fallout continues to spread since the acquittal of President Trump and what it means for our democracy. 

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The gang is joined by DFL lawyer and lobbyist, Matthew Bergeron this week. A postmortem of the Iowa Caucuses. The complete side show that was the State of the Union. And looks like this whole impeachment thing was pretty fruitless, with acquittal on the horizon. Susan Kent being elected as Minnesota's first female, Senate Minority Leader. A stop at the Klobo Shop, what are her chances looking like after the caucuses? And, the gang finally gets to give their hot, Super Bowl Halftime Show take. 

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Javier, Amy, Brian, and Lauren give their updates and opinions on the impeachment trial, and why it probably won't mean anything. The impending Iowa caucus and the Bernie Bind the Democratic seems to find itself in. Amy Klobuchar has some prosecuting skeletons in her closet. Talking Minnesota Senate leadership and the bitchy ad from the Lincoln Project. 

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Amy, Javier and Laura are joined this week by Jason Flohrs of Americans for Prosperity. Lots of impeachment talk, even though there really isn't much to talk about. The New York Times endorsement of Amy Klobuchar was, surprising? And Lauren debuts her new dialect. 

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Brian and Lauren are joined by Americans for Prosperity's, Jason Flohrs, and friend of the podcast, John Stiles. Talking the Democratic Debates and the Iowa Caucuses. Read all about the articles of Impeachment! Iran Admissions and the role of religion in politics. 

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Amy and Javier are joined again this week by Lauren Anderson of Brave New Workshop, and by Jeremy 'The Otter' Estensen. Iran, Iran, Iranna Danna. Lauren calls foul on more inside baseball discussion. And what's the deal with Beltrami County?


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Brian, Amy, and Javier are joined by Brave New Workshop's, Lauren Anderson. So we're pretty much getting into another war, right? It's Census time! Redistricting could be coming down the line. And what's with the recent Klobo-surge?

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