Wrong About Everything

The Ghost of Mike Franklin returns to join the gang as they bid farewell to H.R. Pufnstuf and discuss a variety of topics including the Austin bomber, Cambridge Analytica, the big ol' budget, and more.

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Another exit from the Trump administration, cue the Sarah McLachlan music. Pennsylvania's special election, and what that means for November 2018. Javier's meniscus tear. Meanwhile, Richard Spencer & co are at it again, this time proposing segregated 'ethno states.' And the craziness that was the Minneapolis convention.

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Mike Franklin is back from the dead, and things start to feel like old times quickly.
Breaking down what tariffs actually mean for the steel industry and this country. Javier's 'Bernie Sanders' weighs in.
It's a full house with the roster of names talked about, Stormy Daniels, Drunk Nunberg, Old Timey Guy, just to name a few.
St. Paul is still boring. And a story about actual chimpanzees growing marijuana in Wisconsin.


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Taking a moment in remembering Hope Hicks long White House career. Trump's calligrapher has higher security clearance than Jared Kushner. '45' is coming for the guns, right? Delta hastily terminated its agreement with the NRA, and no one is happier for it.
Some gun talk, and then some more gun talk.
Who audits the auditors?
Meanwhile in Texas, political donations of deer semen are commonplace?


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