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livestream quarantine continues and our insides smell incredible.  

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quarantine livestream happy hour continues!  We are joined by the spectacular Mary Koppel from the University of Minnesota....she is an insider to all of this covid analysis/decision making and we were thrilled to get to hear her insights!  

If you want to see video and the source material we're talking about check out the livestream every friday at 3:15 on our facebook page.  

We appreciate your support in any form you can give it.  If you're able, we pay our staff using revenue generated from our patreon and sponsors (the hosts keep none of it).  

Thanks for listening!

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The EXPLOSIVE second part to friday's episode...We pick up where we left off talking about shelter in place and best practices moving forward.  Passions run hot leading to the debut of Lauren's raised voice!

Join us friday for our happy hour livestream on our facebook page at 3pm-ish.  

Thanks to our sponsors:

Bradshaw & Bryant Personal Injury Attorneys

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We're back from the bunker!  Brian and Amy were 7 feet apart in studio, with Javier and Lauren coming from their respective locations....

This week we're splitting it into two parts.  We had some fireworks and ran long.  Both are good episodes!

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Everyone stayed in their respective bunkers and we did it remotely!

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No matter how dark things get, Happy Hour will lift us into the light!   We've got Brian and Javier in studio, with Lauren and Amy joining via Zoom.  We're trying to focus on the uplifting aspects, as well as some practical info from our guests.  

First up is our newest sponsor:  Michael Bryant from Bradshaw & Bryant Law Firm.  

Michael is a friend of the show and we were thrilled to welcome him as a guest and sponsor.  If you need legal help, especially personal injury....there is no one better to seek out than Michael and his team!


We were then joined by attorney K. Davis Senseman, founder of Davis Law Office.  Davis is an expert on all things business with a focus on helping businesses and families through this crisis. 

Again...If you or your business is looking for help in this time Davis has the official WAE seal of approval!


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