Wrong About Everything

Who knew everyone was so passionate about masks.....This sucker went off.  Sorry for the screaming....We had some biological difficulty today....just couldn't seem to regulate emotions. 

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Much like our producer Gabe, this episode is LONG AND STRONG.  

We were thrilled to talk traunch with special guest Ryan Smith of MN Credit Union, and happy, but to a much lesser extent to be joined by Jason Flohrs as Amy's chair warmer.  

Thanks for listening and helping spread the word!

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This week we were joined by libertarian centaur Jason Flohrs.  Though he made many salient points, they were all overshadowed by his palpable desire to catch, kill, and devour a fully grown Elk.  

Thanks to our sponsors Bradshaw and Bryant, MN Credit Union, and William Mitchell Law School.  

Brian is missing in action in more ways than one....though one of the ways is this podcast.  


It's 3 am.  enjoy

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Happy Independence Day!

Plenty to talk about this week.  Great episode.  Our normal producer is in quarantine, so this description will be short.  But it really was a good one.

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