Wrong About Everything

The gang offers expert insight into the speeches, plagiarisms, passive aggressive non-endorsements, balloon poppings, and more of the RNC.

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The gang does a total take over (well, for a couple of hours, at least) of the radio airwaves on Twin Cities News Talk AM1130.

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Buffalo Mayor Brad Nauman joined Amy, Carin & Javier to discuss the local and national tragedies this week. The second half gets lighter when the gang covers the age-old question- is that the Star of David or are you just Sheriff? 

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#111. Brexit, Brump & Brillary

No, you haven't lost anything. We were so busy celebrating our 111th episode at the Party About Everything that we forgot to record one.  Oops, our bad! In 112 we are back discussing INTERNATIONAL issues, which required extra prep and learning all kinds of new words to put the letters B-R in front of. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'MERICA.

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