Wrong About Everything

The gang partakes in beer drinking, gift giving, and mad-libbery in celebration of the inaugural non-demoninational holiday season acknowledgment live broadcast at Tin Whiskers Brewery.

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As 2014 comes to a close, the gang pays tribute to the end of Michelle Bachmann's reign and says farewell with a moving, heartfelt montage. Plus, Javier confesses his love for Elizabeth Warren shortly after getting stabby over everything that was incorrectly said on last week's podcast. The gang also discusses Minnesota being the 2nd worst state in which to be black, the Senate releasing the CIA's torture report, and more.

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The gang, sans Javier but joined by DFL Lobbyist/Activist Sarah Walker, discusses Rand Paul and the Garner decision, Denise having a rough time on Almanac last week, fossil fuels being here to stay, plus Mike and Javier don't know how to clean dishes and Brian didn't even try. #stank

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