Wrong About Everything (politics)

Really Fun episode with some celebrity (political celebs) encounter stories... 

(as well as state and national political news of course)

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This week we were joined by libertarian centaur Jason Flohrs.  Though he made many salient points, they were all overshadowed by his palpable desire to catch, kill, and devour a fully grown Elk.  

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Brian is missing in action in more ways than one....though one of the ways is this podcast.  


It's 3 am.  enjoy

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The EXPLOSIVE second part to friday's episode...We pick up where we left off talking about shelter in place and best practices moving forward.  Passions run hot leading to the debut of Lauren's raised voice!

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Brian McDaniel, Javier Morillo, Amy Koch and Laura Sayles are Wrong About Everything!  Omar is not going to Israel.  Why does Klobuchar have no chance?  Trump tries to buy Greenland plus their weekly "Thanks and Spanks"

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This week, the gang headed up to Brainerd for a live appearance at the Minnesota Credit Union Network's fall conference. We talked presidential politics and what to do with a bipartisan-curious teenager, and we recorded it all for you.

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The gang is back together (¡including Javier!) and bemoans the dearth of interesting Minnesota stories to analyze as Minnesota takes its traditional month of August off. As always, we find the local angle...

No shortage of national stories though, as the EPA becomes an environmental scofflaw, Old Glory flies again in la Habaña, and #Carlymania debuts nationally. 

Also, LOTS of Trump. 

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The gang, joined by DFL lady lawyer Emma Greenman, analyzes the first (and second) GOP presidential debate(s). They reflect on the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, and break down #fishghazi as well as a new PPP Minnesota poll featuring a surprising new independent candidate for President.
Also, resolved: "Brian is a cuckservative." Discuss. 
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The gang, joined by official anti-panda correspondent Carin Mrotz, discuss the "Trump surge," and analyze the official leftization of Congressman Tom Emmer (DFL-Somalia). Also, WHEN BEARS ATTACK. #FearBears

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The gang, joined this week by new girl voice Gia Vitali, addresses #Bakkghazi, in which the Senate Majority Leader #Bakkstabs Gov. Dayton. In other news (yes, there WAS other news), we're going back to war in Iraq, there is a local angle to the Oregon Governor scandal, and we address income inequality. 

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Its a post-election wrap up edition of Wrong About Everything. We're joined by Tom Scheck for some post-election analysis, we cover the #pointergate scandal at KSTP, which has impacted one of the members directly in the wallet. Which one? Listen and find out!


Read more: http://www.twincitiesnewstalk.com/media/podcast-wrong-about-everything-wrongabouteverything/119-wrong-about-everything-25542882/#ixzz3IczfZqQx

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The gang interviews Star Tribune political reporter Rachel Stassen-Berger, Mike and Denise kiss and make up, and with the elections nine days out there is plenty to talk about. 

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Democrats up a million points, #turdghazi, GOP's women problem, and more.

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The gang discusses marrying outside your political party, Stewart Mills is actually on a boat, Javier isn't Mexican, a dude cut a garage in half, republicans can cook gourmet meals, Tom Barnard and Terri Traen dub Mike a hero, and there's a new Scandal in town - but not the Oliva Pope kind! #IAmARepublican #MNSureDiaries


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The gang makes their picks for the first installment of the Fantasy Political Draft, Javier is gifted Patrick's last pair of pleated pants, the first call to our hotline isn't quite what we were hoping for, and Brian captures the essence of why people think Denise is the Sith Lord.

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Denise gives campaign advice to a clean-shaven Mike, ISIS is really scary, and Jeff Johnson misses the point on how negotiating works so we get tips from a union thug in pastels. Meanwhile, Michelle Macdonald is learning a lot of laws, and she really likes frogs, too. Remember to subscribe, or we will wear pleated pants! #debateghazi

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Coming up next week: Fantasy Political Draft

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Javier and Mike have a few words with Mayor Betsy Hodges and Senate Candidate Mike McFadden at the Great Minnesota Get-together, and Javier has a run in with The Jeff Johnson. Meanwhile, Obama's taupe suit takes the world by storm and Denise fails at trying to sexually harass Brian. 

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Denise is back and ready for some action, and after welcoming her back to the studio the gang discusses #Boothgazi at the Great Minnesota Get-Together, Obama golfing, and Ferguson, Missouri.

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#12 The Denise-free gang is joined by DFL Lobbyist Sarah "Palin" Erickson to discuss primary results and current events.

The Denise-free gang is joined by DFL Lobbyist Sarah "Palin" Erickson to discuss primary results and current events.

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