Wrong About Everything

The gang, joined by Liberal Labor Lady Julia Donnelly, breaks down why Javier can't go to Indiana. Ted Cruz's announcement, and the Tip Penal...the Tip Credi...that tip thing, as well as restoring voting to convicted felons.


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The gang is joined by DFL Lady Lawyer Emma Greenman as they tackle a myraid of topics including Netanyahu's decision to back away from a two-state solution, the fact that Aaron Schock will apparently be very successful in two years as long as he doesn't end up in jail, Obama suggesting mandatory voting, and more. #nocasualracism

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Once again, the gang is joined by Jewish social justice activist Carin Mrotz, and they discuss the issue of 47 GOP senators conducting foreign policy, the Republic of Texas, #BlackLivesMatter, the Greek bailout crisis, and what not to put in your coffee.

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The studio is flooded with estrogen as Mike and Javier are joined by Emma Greenman and Amy Koch. They have their first ever civil discussion about education, plus they tackle Hillary's e-mailghazi, Dayton and Bakk bro-hugging it out, Obamacare, and then Minnesotans uncomfortable talk about race.

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The gang breaks down the Conservative version of Wrestlemania, and we follow up on Chuy's big day in Chicago. We break down the burgeoning DFL call center scandal (from 2006), talk about how expensive day care is for white people, and remind everyone that Javier is not Mexican. 

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