Wrong About Everything

The gang learns how to pronounce Nunes properly, discusses Michael Flynn's request for immunity and gets nervous about our internet browsing history.

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The gang pays respects to our new Russian overlords before discussing some FBI investigating, Nunes making things worse, the Minnesota House GOP budget targets, the GOP employing the pull out method on the American Health Care Act, and more.

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The gang pre-gamed before recording the podcast at an Irish pub in celebration of St. Paddy's Day, and the result was hilarity, singing, and a few minutes of shenanigans that didn't make the final cut before posting the episode... Enjoy! They chat about the border wall budget, wire tappin', reinsurance, and more!

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The gang gets together to chat about Obamacare being done-zo, Republicans hating their own plan, nazi haircuts, and more!

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Brian and Javier interview MinnPost's Briana Bierschbach and MPR's Brian Bakst LIVE at Tin Whiskers Brewing Co. on Fat Tuesday.

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Comedian Brandi Brown fills in for Carin as the gang analyzes a variety of issues, including Trump surviving his first joint address and the fact that he won over Van Jones. Plus, they talk Jeff Sessions lying under oath, Governor Dayton's surgery, Sunday Sales, Real ID, and more.

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