Wrong About Everything

The gang breaks down the apparent tendency for Democrats to govern against the wishes of their base, while Republicans obsess about theirs. The gang also discusses a certain Senior Senator's kerfuffle with an otherwise non controversial bill. Also, spank and thank!


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The gang, once again joined by Jewish social justice Carin Mrotz, breaks down the legislative budgeting, addresses the controversy surrounding bathrooms in public schools, discusses an unfortunate comment made about trains to prisons, and why do our tax dollars pay for panda sex?

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The gang analyzes Hillary's connection with "regular Iowans" and Marco Rubio's potential as a GOP candidate. They also break down the burgeoning "frenemy" relationship between the GOP Senate and Obama. And, when is a treaty not a treaty? Also, spank & thank. 

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The gang, bolstered this week by GOP Bowling Scion Amy Koch and DFL Lady Lawyer Emma Greenman, break down the end-of-session dealmaking, including the GOP bills on health care and the DFL senate's approach to Universal Pre-K.  Also, DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT A SENATOR.  Part 1 of 2 shows this week. #Umlauts.

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The gang, joined by lady labor lobbyist Julia Donnelly, analyzes the two newest entrants into the presidential race, who are sure to upset the left...and probably the right, too. Plus, they break apart Governor Dayton's State of the State, and have an excellent discussion about why "Indiana" cannot happen in Minnesota.

Also, bull semen.

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The gang is LIVE at Maple Lake Bowl, and they are joined by several very special guests, including Congressman Tom Emmer, bowling proprietor Amy Koch, a live audience full of rowdy Twin Cities progressives, and more!

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