Wrong About Everything

Amy, Carin and Javier do a very WAE countdown. Brian is still flouncing.


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The gang celebrated Hanukkah and talked CD5 and the Minneapolis mayoral race. Then we moved into national politics, causing a Dayton-style flounce by one of the hosts.

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The gang is sporting santa hats and singing Christmas carols while also discussing our new Russian overlords, Mike Hot-Pence and his tiny short shorts, Trump news, and more.

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Carin is being attacked by Nazis through social media after cleaning a swastika off of an abandoned garage. Plus, the gang discusses Trump's administration picks, Minnesota politics, and more!

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The gang kicks off the show with a discussion on an article in The Daily Beast, "Cheating Men Get a Second Life in Politics, Cheating Women Get a Scarlet Letter," which gives Amy's side of The Ordeal. They also discuss civil war paintings in the Capitol, the governor's reactions, Javier's whore mouth, and swastikas in Minneapolis.

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This week, the gang caucused by party and talked turkey about whether the End Times are upon us or this was just a plain old regular election.

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The white women are back in-studio as the gang discusses Trump's transition team choices, what his presidency means for the country, and more. Plus, they discuss issues around Minnesota, including Ramsey County Attorney John Choi charging St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez with second-degree manslaughter in the shooting of Philando Castile and Nekima Levy Pounds for throwing her hat into the Minneapolis Mayoral race.

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Javier and Brian discuss the ramifications of the election of Donald J. Trump, and the communities reaction. Plus, Senator Scott Dibble and Senator Michelle Benson come in-studio to talk about the results of the MN elections.

P.S. Where's Carin and Amy???

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The gang previews the election.

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Amy and Brian are joined by Lisa Brezonik and John Rusciano to discuss their book, "Fire Yourself! Reignite Your Career and Live Your Life with Intention."

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The gang, joined by guest hosts MN Director for the AFP Jason Flohrs and DFL lawyer/lobbyist Matthew Bergeron, continue a very Wrong About Everything Halloween tradition by welcoming author and psychic medium Jodi Livon into the studio for readings and predictions. Plus, the gang talks about the latest scandal with Hillary and the FBI as well as other issues in politics around the country.

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The gang of course covers the final presidential debate, including #BadHombres and #NastyWoman. Brian continues his MNSure rant and we have a jizzbill update!

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The gang reflects on the second presidential debate before discussing #GropeGate, Bill Clinton's past, MN Governor Dayton declaring MNSure "no longer affordable," and more! 

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The gang is joined by the secretary of the University of Minnesota College Republicans and the painter of the "Build the Wall" mural on the Washington Bridge, Molly Kwakenat, as well as the Executive Director of Navigate MN, Emilia Gonzalez Avalos, to hear from both sides of the controversy following several protests sparked by the College Republican's mural. 

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The gang is joined in-studio by Republican otter Jeremy Estenson as they reflect on a week full of post-debate shenanigans, late night Trump tweets, Hillary's Trump trap, and more!

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From t2p2.net, the Wrong About Everything podcast contributors, including Javier Morillo-Alicea, Brian McDaniel, Carin Mrotz and Amy Koch were live at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Every week, a bi-partisan foursome of Minnesota’s savviest political watchers gathers to discuss the week in the news. Their podcast, Wrong About Everything is must-listen audio for Minnesota politicos; it’s basically the Serial of the Minnesota Legislature. 

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The gang talks about polls, polls, and more polls. In other news, the Minneapolis City Council is cray. Also, a rare bipartisan spank!

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The gang is joined by Republican otter to discuss bleep balls, baskets of deplorables, Hillary's pneumonia, Nolan West, and more!

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This week, the gang headed up to Brainerd for a live appearance at the Minnesota Credit Union Network's fall conference. We talked presidential politics and what to do with a bipartisan-curious teenager, and we recorded it all for you.

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The gang is LIVE from the Minnesota State Fair and are joined by a presidential candidate, the ghost of Mike Franklin, Pam Costain, and more!

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The gang is LIVE from the Minnesota State Fair and are joined by a variety of guests including Walter Hudson, Lt. Governor Tina Smith, and more.

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Conrad Zbikowski joins the gang in-studio to redeem himself after sending a strongly worded e-mail to Fox 9 reporter, Tom Lyden, following Tom's reports on the Ilhan Omar controvertsy. They also discuss no special session (hey Gov, you feeling okay?), Trump's apologies, being mean to cats, and more!

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Jim Nash joins the gang in-studio for the second week in a row as they take another look at the dumpster fire that is the presidential election. What did Trump say this time? Plus, they discuss the Tuesday primary results from around Minnesota.

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Jim Nash and Lisa Bender join Carin and Amy in-studio to discuss The Trump Train making a stop in Minneapolis, possible negotiations with Iranian terrorists, minimum wage increases, Lisa's experience at the DNC, and upcoming primaries around Minnesota.

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The gang offers expert insight into the speeches, plagiarisms, passive aggressive non-endorsements, balloon poppings, and more of the RNC.

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The gang does a total take over (well, for a couple of hours, at least) of the radio airwaves on Twin Cities News Talk AM1130.

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Buffalo Mayor Brad Nauman joined Amy, Carin & Javier to discuss the local and national tragedies this week. The second half gets lighter when the gang covers the age-old question- is that the Star of David or are you just Sheriff? 

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#111. Brexit, Brump & Brillary

No, you haven't lost anything. We were so busy celebrating our 111th episode at the Party About Everything that we forgot to record one.  Oops, our bad! In 112 we are back discussing INTERNATIONAL issues, which required extra prep and learning all kinds of new words to put the letters B-R in front of. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'MERICA.

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 The gang is joined by Republican otter Jeremy Estenson to discuss the gun debate, the aftermath of the shooting in Orlando at a nightclub, Bernie's quest to never stop runnin', Weinerman living on, and more! Plus, Julia Donnelly is back!

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The gang discusses the tragedy of the Orlando shooting, the state of the presidential race, and more.

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Javier and Brian are joined by non-sausage Laura Sayles and the ghost of Mike Franklin to discuss stupid people helping Trump, MPD Union President Bob Kroll's recent comments on Black Lives Matter, Hillary's anti-Trump message that gained some ground, and more.

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Amy, Brian and Carin are joined this week by rookie legislator and pie enthusiast Peggy Flanagan. Together they explore the misogynistic tendencies that are still entrenched within the American political system, meanwhile Brain is still left wondering if anyone brought pie.

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The ladies of Wrong About everything take over as they dive deep into the Minnesota Legislative Session. They get live updates from various sources as the session draws to a close.

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Brian and Amy are back and depressed as every about their party's presumptive nominee.  In Minnesota news, we wonder why the hell we can't just buy a damn beer on Sunday.  Also, what are Minneapolis police officers thinking with that work slowdown?

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The gang is joined by Jr. Lightskinned Correspondent and PJ Media guy Walter Hudson as well as State Representative Nick Zerwas for a very interesting conversation on Trump's love of Hispanics, the crash and burn of Cruz, Kasich dropping out (wait, who?), Hillary offending Native Americans, bonding bills, and more. 

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State Representative Nick Zerwas comes in-studio to share a bathroom story with the gang and to discuss the presidential race, Carly Fiorina's new starring role in American Horror Story, unimpressive Target boycotts, violent hippies, and more. Pl

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Jeremy Estenson joined Carin, Amy and Javier to talked Passover and, of course, the passing of Minnesota's Purple deity, Prince.  In national news, we covered the New York primary, Trump's delegate strategy, and Cruz's creepiest statement ever. Oh and Javier gets another superdelegate rant in.

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The gang explores Bill DiBlasio's "C.P. time" joke bomb and what's funny when one person says it but offensive when another one does.  In other words, lots of bleeping bleeps happen. We also discussed Ted Cruz's penchant for banning dildos and is love for soup.  Chunky soup.  In Minnesota news it's KHAAAAAAN!

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This week's episode is heavy on the left, both in content and voices, as Amy had an emergency and left Brian to hold down the Republican fort. The gang apologized to Alex, a listener from Austin, for all of the Bernie-bashing, and then spent the rest of the episode bashing Bernie. In Minnesota news, we gave a #JamarClark update and talked about the mass legislator Exodus (just in time for Passover!) from the State Capitol.

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The gang is joined by Mike Franklin and Senior Light Skinned Correspondent Sarah Walker to analyze every angle of the Jamar Clark case following the Hennepin County Attorney's Office announcement that they would not be charging the officers involved in a fatal shooting with Clark. They also take a look at the current climate of the presidential election, their buddy Wienerman, and more!

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Julia Donnelly occupies Carin's chair while she's back in the homeland, and Representative Peggy Flanagan comes in-studio to talk iron range employment benefits, the Appleton prison situation, and more. Plus, the gang discusses terror attacks in Brussels, Bernie fans struggling to accept Hillary as their nominee, and Minnesota taxes.

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The gang is joined by Republican Otter Jeremy Estenson to discuss the Wrong About Everything curse resulting in another catastrophe, the Republican's running their party into the ground, Obama's Supreme Court nominee, and their love of Weinerman.

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"Excuse me, I'm talking!" The Bern dominates the democratic National news and the gang discusses that in addition to tackling a variety of issues including Tom Bakk's rage, Rubio falling behind in the race for the GOP nomination, our favorite Superdelegate's manspread, and much more.

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Hot off the heels of Super Tuesday and another GOP Debate, the gang is joined by a freshly resurrected Mike Franklin to discuss a massive turnout at the caucuses, Clinton and Trump coming out on top, and more. They also tackle Mitt Romney weighing in on Trump, Caitlyn Jenner endorsing Ted Cruz, and AKlo and the GMOs.

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A WAE first! Two major candidates in one of the hottest congressional races in the country came on the show. The gang interviewed Angie Craig, DFL candidate for Congress in CD2 and Jason Lewis, Republican running in the same race.  In national news, we're all treated to several #NeverTrump rants by Brian. The rest of us watched and worried about his blood pressure.

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Amy and Javier were joined by Senior Light-Skinned Correspondent Sarah Walker and Republican Otter Jeremy Estenson to talk Justice Scalia's passing and the ensuing political explosion, presidential politics, and Minnesota Janitors Strike.

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Hot off the heels of the New Hampshire Primary Caucus, the gang speculates on the results and bids farewell to Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina. They also discuss Brian's love of Marco Roboto, whether Bernie is our future, and Javier explains SuperDelegates because he is the Superest of the SuperDelegates.

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The gang is back in-studio to ponder the results of the Iowa caucus and to discuss Kern vs. Emmer, Heb's desperate pleas for applause, Brian's love for Marco Rubio, and more.

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The gang breaks down the Iowa Caucus and Amy's recent trip Carin's Holy Land.

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The gang is joined by a freshly resurrected Mike Franklin and DFL lobbyist Matthew Bergeron to share their appreciation of Sarah Palin's speech patterns. Plus, they discuss the Flint water issue, the shenanigans of crazy presidential candidates, and more.

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The gang looks back on the GOP Debate and covers a medley of topics including our host's chaps of choice, Kim Davis' random appearance at the State of the Union, Oregon's militia receiving the wrong (or right?) kind of supplies, and more.

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The gang talks Oregon Militia craziness and the good that it has wrought: erotic fan fiction about the Bundy Boys. Are attacks on Marco Rubio's Florsheim shoes homophobic, sexist, or why pick one? Should lobbyists have to report handies, or only if they are worth more than five bucks?  Also, 2016 Minnesota political predictions!

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