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In this bonus segment of Wrong About Everything, Denise still isn't in studio but Carin Mrotz still definitely is. Sunday sales really suck, hipsters decided that Minnesota is no longer the Midwest, beared people are "lumbersexuals," and more Minnesotan topics ensue.

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The gang is Denise-less, but is once again joined by straight white lady Carin Mrotz. The discussion focuses mainly on 2016 elections (and the fact that the GOP has approximately one million candidates), but that doesn't stop them from talking about the fact that Tom Brady loves balls, Obama wants to veto everything, and everyone at the State of the Union Address was a jerk but nobody saw it due to record low ratings. 

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This week, the show is all-white and all-straight for the first time due to the fact that Javier is out of town (probably in Mexico) so the gang is joined by straight white lady Carin Mrotz. They talk about the "craziness narrative" in the GOP, Obama surrendering to France, motorboatin' Mitt, and Brian not wanting to be a sparkly vampire. #TurkFact

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The gang discusses republicans taking over in Minnesota house and federal senate, the NYPD work stoppage, and is it true bipartisanship or Brokebakk mountain?

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The Millennial Falcon takes over the studio in light of the rest of the gang's absence, and the result is a global Millennial takeover, which apparently just means airing a compilation of Wrong About Everything's greatest inside jokes, funniest moments, and best segments.

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