Wrong About Everything

Amy, Carin and Javier do a very WAE countdown. Brian is still flouncing.


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The gang celebrated Hanukkah and talked CD5 and the Minneapolis mayoral race. Then we moved into national politics, causing a Dayton-style flounce by one of the hosts.

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The gang is sporting santa hats and singing Christmas carols while also discussing our new Russian overlords, Mike Hot-Pence and his tiny short shorts, Trump news, and more.

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Carin is being attacked by Nazis through social media after cleaning a swastika off of an abandoned garage. Plus, the gang discusses Trump's administration picks, Minnesota politics, and more!

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The gang kicks off the show with a discussion on an article in The Daily Beast, "Cheating Men Get a Second Life in Politics, Cheating Women Get a Scarlet Letter," which gives Amy's side of The Ordeal. They also discuss civil war paintings in the Capitol, the governor's reactions, Javier's whore mouth, and swastikas in Minneapolis.

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