Wrong About Everything

The gang gathers at Denise's house to say all that they are spankful for and eat grape salad. They are later joined by two real live Native Americans (one is 7/32nds Native American, but who is counting, anyway?) to discuss the origins of Thanksgiving.

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Amy Koch replaces Mike as the funny republican woman this week, and the gang offers guidance on how to speak with your political opposite at Thanksgiving dinner, they discuss immigration overreach, and being a homo-genius.

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The gang continues the ongoing story of #pointergateghazi, brings back the popular segment "Republicans Gone Wild," and analyzes the public statements of Obamacare architect MacGruber. 

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Its a post-election wrap up edition of Wrong About Everything. We're joined by Tom Scheck for some post-election analysis, we cover the #pointergate scandal at KSTP, which has impacted one of the members directly in the wallet. Which one? Listen and find out!


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