Wrong About Everything

Brian, Amy and Javier are joined this week by attorney Mike Bryant of Bradshaw and Bryant. The satisfying verdict of Harvey Weinstein. The results are in from Nevada, just in time for the debates in South Carolina, and with Super Tuesday fun right around the corner! Or is it Super Klobo Tuesday? The Coronavirus is here, Trump in the burbs, and Minnesota Precinct Caucuses. 

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The gang dissects the latest round of debates, and the pandering of Amy Klobuchar in Nevada. The GOP's Public Safety in the cities. A 'Get Well' message for Jim Hagedorn. The Trump vs Barr bitch fest is really heating up. Brian's close encounter with the beyond. And of all people deserving of a pardon, Blagojevich comes to mind. 

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Happy Valentine's Day! The gang is joined by original member of the podcast and disgraced city council member, Mike Franklin. Gotta stop at the Klobo shop! Amy continues to maintain and even pull ahead. What the primaries actually mean, and why it's anyone's game for the nomination at this point. The fallout continues to spread since the acquittal of President Trump and what it means for our democracy. 

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The gang is joined by DFL lawyer and lobbyist, Matthew Bergeron this week. A postmortem of the Iowa Caucuses. The complete side show that was the State of the Union. And looks like this whole impeachment thing was pretty fruitless, with acquittal on the horizon. Susan Kent being elected as Minnesota's first female, Senate Minority Leader. A stop at the Klobo Shop, what are her chances looking like after the caucuses? And, the gang finally gets to give their hot, Super Bowl Halftime Show take. 

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