Wrong About Everything

Panda hater Carin Mrotz joins the gang this week as they discuss the big MN shutdown showdown, the growing field for the GOP presidential race, Venn diagrams, and the scandal surrounding Dennis Hastert. 

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Broadcasting LIVE from Tin Whiskers Brewery, the gang is joined by Senators, Representatives, and other prominent figures in the Twin Cities as they present the "End of Session" awards. Plus, live performances by The Fiscal Notes!

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An ode to former representative Ryan Winkler, who announced his resignation on May 21st, 2015.

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The gang is once again joined by panda hater Carin Mrotz as they break down the end of the 2015 legislative session, including how the Republicans seem to be winning everything #CooCooCheeChee. The gang also tries to come up with an answer for Republicans when asked about Iraq. SPOLIER ALERT: we did better than Heb. Plus, MPR reporter Tom Scheck joins the gang live from just outside the house floor to give his analysis on how this session compares to past sessions. 

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The gang is ditched by Mike Franklin and his replacement, Jeremy Estenson, is just another white Republican guy. Plus, Lady Liberal and panda hater Carin Mrotz joins the conversation as everyone agrees to not mess with Texas, the fishing opener, or Tom Brady's balls. Plus, Ron Erhardt is a turkey hater.

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The gang, joined by Julia Donnelly, the gang takes on race and the crisis in Baltimore - with only one "Who Wants Pie?" moment! Plus, Brian does an impression of the new president of the Minneapolis Police Federation and we speculate on the GOP Liberty Caucus's impact on the Sunday Sales vote - which we still can't believe we lost.

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