Wrong About Everything

Brian and Carin are joined this week by comedian, Corey Adam, and writer, Tricia Cornell. Unpacking this week of impeachment hearings. Mayor Pete's coming up in the polls, what does this mean for the democratic race? Fartgate continues to plague the media, and us. Minnesota Legislature retirements, and the passing of Representative Diane Loeffler.

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The gang is all together as they keep feeling out the new digs, complete with salad bar and champagne room. Diving head first into the impeachment hearings. A stop at the Klobo-shop and Deval Patrick enters the Democratic Clown Car. 

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The gang's all together on this one as they feel out their new digs at the MBC studios. They talk about the recent local elections and that the St. Paul Trash Wars have finally come to an end. And a closer look at the possible candidates to lead the Democratic party in the 2020 election. 

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The gang is all together on this one, as they're trying something new out, stay tuned for more info on that. More impeachment talk, this whole 'will they, won't they' story line is getting pretty tiresome. Talking about the Katie Hill scandal as no one else really seems to be. Representative Ilhan Omar is in trouble again, this time for what she wouldn't comment on, the acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide. And our continuing segment, TrashWars.

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