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The gang's all together on this one, and it's a good thing so we can untangle this whole Biden, Trump, Ukrainian thing. The Primaries continue to be uninspiring. Amy Woke is here to tell the story of how Minnesota's first lady, Gwen Walz, found herself in an embarrassing situation on public television, the bigger problem, the tape was asked to go away. And Twin Cities Sugar, Brian McDaniel, educates us on the new insulin legislation. 

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Javier, Carin and Amy are joined by Amy's son, but not really, Will Dammann, former intern to the program. The Democratic debates were pretty hard for everyone to digest, is there any candidate that can pass the 'electability' test? It certainly isn't Joe Biden at this point. Saying our goodbyes to another Trump cabinet member, John Bolton, but good riddance on this one. The latest enemy to the populace, Big Vape. In Minnesota news, legislators are in trouble, for creating jobs? Well there's more to it than that. 

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Finally back in a decent studio, Amy, Javier and Carin are joined by 'baby lawyer,' Leah Koch, she wishes she was that kind of Koch. In local news, we have a First Dog and Ilhan Omar's personal life continues unfold in the public eye. Why distinctions are very important when looking at this situation of campaign finance and infidelity. The Terrorist Watch list, how to get on and off of it, nobody really knows. And of course, spanks and thanks. 

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Wrong About Everything had another great show at the Minnesota State Fair!! Thank you to the live audience and our fantastic Day 2 guests Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan, Senator Mark Koran, Reps. Tony Albright, Raymond Dehn, & Brad Tabke.

Thank you to our sponsors Ryan Smith from the MN Credit Union Network & Alise Sjostrom from Redhead Creamery.

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