Wrong About Everything

It's the end of the year award show spectacular! A year in review from the gang. Minnesota or national politics, nothing is safe. Thanks 2018, you've been interesting to say the least. 

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Goodbye to Mattis and hello to Trump's terrible foreign policy decision. It looks like a shutdown in inevitable, which leads the gang down memory lane as they talk their favorite past government shutdown moments. And the Gofundme for the Wall is at a cool million. Thanks 2018, you did not disappoint. What in the heck is going on with Governor Dayton? 



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Trump really wants to 'shut it down!' and other things we've learned from that tense meeting with Schumer and Pelosi. And who is really to blame for all this? Recent Dems or old Repubs? Criminal justice reform just makes good dollars and sense. And maybe Minnesota republicans lost so bad because they were too 'Trump-like?' Also, there's a caucus block happening in Minnesota. 

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Brian, Carin, Amy, and Javier come together to celebrate Hanukkah and, the surplus. Oh no, France is burning! Is Minnesota headed that way too? A 'racially charged' tree takes the blame at a local precinct. Goodbye GHWB, everyone else, leave Hillary Clinton alone! And what is going on with Wisconsin?

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