Wrong About Everything

The Gang counts down the Top 11 Wrong About Everything News Stories of 2015 - not necessarily the most important things that happened this years, just the ones we had fun talking about.  What was number one? #TealGhazi #Bakkstabbed #JizzBill? You'll have to listen.

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Santa and Tom Cotton are coming to town and Amy Koch is reeeeeeeally excited. She joined the gang in-studio along with Republican otter Jeremey Estenson as they discussed Carly Fiorina's new found love of puppies and accusing Obama of eating their cousins, the new budget deal, Donald Trump's fitness level, and more!

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The gang is joined by conservative otter Jeremey Estenson and labor lobbyist Julia Donnelly to tackle several issues including El Donaldo's recent escapades and anti-Muslim comments, a racist ginger chick, and transit in Minnesota.

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The gang is joined by real life cop and state representative Danny Schoen to discuss the recent protests and unrest in Minneapolis following the fatal shooting of Jamar Clark. Plus, Mike has gone up to the big Tin Whiskers in the sky with Denise Doucheray.

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