Wrong About Everything

The gang keeps the party rockin' at The Great Minnesota Gettogether with part 2 of their first Minnesota State Fair show for 2019! For this portion of the episode, they are joined by State Auditor Julie Blaha, Representative Cheryl Youakim, and Representative Dan Wolgamott to discuss crop art, the fair, and more.

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The gang is LIVE at the Great Minnesota Gettogether, and they're joined by Senator Karla Brigham, Brave New Workshop’s Lauren Anderson and comedian Brandi Brown to celebrate!

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Brian McDaniel, Javier Morillo, Amy Koch and Laura Sayles are Wrong About Everything!  Omar is not going to Israel.  Why does Klobuchar have no chance?  Trump tries to buy Greenland plus their weekly "Thanks and Spanks"

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Brian and Carin are joined this week by 'just Max Rymer' and Lady Lawyer Emma Greenman. It's a tough one but unpacking the mass shootings from over the weekend. What is driving this and where is it going? What are the solutions, where can we agree, if at all? Feral hogs, 30-50 of them, because everyone else is talking about them. There's an election in Minnesota coming up, again! Everybody hates Tony Cornish. And some spanks and thanks to wash it all down. 

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Carin, Amy, and Brian are joined by *self proclaimed* Lady Lawyer, Emma Greeman. Hands Free is here, thanks Brian. No, actually thank you. The never ending, unfolding drama of the Minnesota DHS. If we could just get rid of Governor Dayton, oh, wait... The Democratic Debates left a lot to be desired, can anyone rise to the occasion to defeat Trump?


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