Wrong About Everything

Javier and Amy are joined this week by Jason Flohrs, from Americans for Prosperity, and immigration attorney, Kara Lynum. Well, the Mueller Report is out, but is that it? It's time we talk about Chicago. Jussie Smollett being just a small part in an even bigger issue. The uphill battle of passing gun legislation in Minnesota. And naturally, 2020 warrants discussion, how will this end?  

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Brian and Carin are joined this week by GOP lobbyist, Jeremy "The Otter" Estenson, and local writer, Tricia Cornell. Governor Walz is wasting no time pissing people off with his policies, case in point: the gas tax. New Zealand has had enough of guns in the wake of a devastating mass shooting. Even from beyond the grave, McCain is still an enemy to Trump. And trying, yet failing, to maintain a sense of optimism for the 2020 Democratic hopefuls. 

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What a week, but we say that every week. The New Zealand shooting and all the things that can add up to a tragic event like this. Ant Becky with The Good Hair: the unfolding of the college bribing scandal. Jacob Wohl wishes he were Javier? St. Paul, despite popular opinion, is not boring, there's even a new 'Night Mayor.' 

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'Positive Toxicity' at its finest this week. The chance to vote against bigotry and choosing not to. Things Carin hates about Democrats. Ilhan Omar continues to put her foot in her mouth and the left doesn't know what to do about it. The difference between criticizing Israel vs being anti-semitic. In local news, yet another jizz bill: boner pills for those in need, and a million dollar idea is born. 

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Jason Flohrs from Americans for Prosperity as well as former Deputy Campaign Manager of the Karin Housley campaign and current state capitol worker, Will Dammann, join Javier and Carin this week. Your one stop Klobo-shop is right here. Unpacking these 'staff abuse' allegations, where they could be coming from. Will anyone on the left be able to bring it home in 2020? Laura Loomer and Jacob Wohl are back in the land of 10,000 lakes, but why? And Maryland, above or below the Mason-Dixon line?

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