Wrong About Everything

The gang takes on the Great Minnesota Get Together for a very Wrong About Everything day featuring duck wontons, bacon fluffernutter, gubernatorial candidates, conversation on events around the country, and more. Their lineup of guests include comedian Brandi Brown, Jeff Johnson, Peggy Flanagan, and more.

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The gang discusses the aftermath of the Charlottesville white supremacist rallies and the ouster of Steve Bannon.

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Javier and Brian are joined by Laura Sayles and Jason Flohrs to discuss the craziest game of chicken ever, The Google Manifesto, Paul Manafort, elections, and more. 

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The gang pays homage to all things Amy K, who is joined by DFL Rep. Peggy Flanagan, Laura Sayles, and the ghost of Mike Franklin. They discuss the life and times of "The Mooch", get serious on immigration and health care, and break some news.

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