Wrong About Everything

BOO! The gang gathers their second annual spooky Halloween episode to share the finest expert political analysis from Javier, Brian, a psychic, and a magic eight ball. Their guest, Ruth Lordan, reveals her psychic thoughts on upcoming elections and candidates. The gang also tackles other topics, including the third GOP Debate and the new Speaker.

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The gang is joined by DFL lobbyist and senior light-skinned correspondent Sarah Walker to discuss Washington's new Prom King and Queen. They also talk about some major problems with violence and discipline in St. Paul schools, a major setback for the Working Families Agenda in Minneapolis, and more.

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Much to the acknowledgment of everyone, Brian and Mike return and they are joined by pandana wearin' anti-Carin, Julia Donnelly, to discuss the first Democratic Debate, the chaos at the DNC, the new sheriff in town in CD2, and some who is not Javier thinks everyone is a racist! 

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The gang is sad and morose after they lost a hilarious segment on National news, but they pull themselves together with the help of guest otter Jeremy Estenson and real republican Amy Koch to discuss gay Doritos, the Working Families Agenda, and apparently Jordan is a real city -- who knew?

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This week, with quasi-Republicans Brian and Mike out of town (together), Amy Koch and Jeremy Estenson joined Javier and Carin to talk about the tragic shooting in Oregon and the botched Planned Parenthood witch hunt in Congress. Also: Javier and the Pope’s on again-off again relationship. Minnesota barely kept us awake with REAL ID, the planned Black Lives Matter action at the marathon, and an update from the mancamps.

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