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I'm in a hurry so no great description prose today, but suffice to say they are on a roll....really good one again.  Amy had a cute hat on.  

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Part 2 of fridays podcast...aka:  THE BEST PART!  

possibly the most intense arguing I've ever witnessed, and my parents hated each other, so that's saying something.

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From the Minnesota Credit Union Studio nestled deep within the MBC Studio Bunker situated at the foot of a HINGE EVENT, the squad does their thing.  Major fire works in part 2.  (which will follow soon after)

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livestream quarantine continues and our insides smell incredible.  

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quarantine livestream happy hour continues!  We are joined by the spectacular Mary Koppel from the University of Minnesota....she is an insider to all of this covid analysis/decision making and we were thrilled to get to hear her insights!  

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The EXPLOSIVE second part to friday's episode...We pick up where we left off talking about shelter in place and best practices moving forward.  Passions run hot leading to the debut of Lauren's raised voice!

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We're back from the bunker!  Brian and Amy were 7 feet apart in studio, with Javier and Lauren coming from their respective locations....

This week we're splitting it into two parts.  We had some fireworks and ran long.  Both are good episodes!

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Everyone stayed in their respective bunkers and we did it remotely!

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No matter how dark things get, Happy Hour will lift us into the light!   We've got Brian and Javier in studio, with Lauren and Amy joining via Zoom.  We're trying to focus on the uplifting aspects, as well as some practical info from our guests.  

First up is our newest sponsor:  Michael Bryant from Bradshaw & Bryant Law Firm.  

Michael is a friend of the show and we were thrilled to welcome him as a guest and sponsor.  If you need legal help, especially personal injury....there is no one better to seek out than Michael and his team!


We were then joined by attorney K. Davis Senseman, founder of Davis Law Office.  Davis is an expert on all things business with a focus on helping businesses and families through this crisis. 

Again...If you or your business is looking for help in this time Davis has the official WAE seal of approval!


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Still living our best quarantine....hope everyone is staying safe (and sheltered in place).  

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Javier and Amy are living their best quarantine in the MBC Bunker...They welcome suspected carriers Brian and Lauren from their respective quarantines.  This one lifted spirits and we hope to keep going as long as we can!

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300th episode!!! Whoop Whoop! 

We talk Coronavirus on a national level and right here in Minnesota. 

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Brian and Lauren are joined this week by GOP Millennial, Will Dammann and Davis Senseman, a small business attorney. Super Tuesday and the South Carolina results. Lots of JOEmentum, Bernie's Bummers, an exit of Klobo, and the end of Public Enemy. 

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Brian, Amy and Javier are joined this week by attorney Mike Bryant of Bradshaw and Bryant. The satisfying verdict of Harvey Weinstein. The results are in from Nevada, just in time for the debates in South Carolina, and with Super Tuesday fun right around the corner! Or is it Super Klobo Tuesday? The Coronavirus is here, Trump in the burbs, and Minnesota Precinct Caucuses. 

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The gang dissects the latest round of debates, and the pandering of Amy Klobuchar in Nevada. The GOP's Public Safety in the cities. A 'Get Well' message for Jim Hagedorn. The Trump vs Barr bitch fest is really heating up. Brian's close encounter with the beyond. And of all people deserving of a pardon, Blagojevich comes to mind. 

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Happy Valentine's Day! The gang is joined by original member of the podcast and disgraced city council member, Mike Franklin. Gotta stop at the Klobo shop! Amy continues to maintain and even pull ahead. What the primaries actually mean, and why it's anyone's game for the nomination at this point. The fallout continues to spread since the acquittal of President Trump and what it means for our democracy. 

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The gang is joined by DFL lawyer and lobbyist, Matthew Bergeron this week. A postmortem of the Iowa Caucuses. The complete side show that was the State of the Union. And looks like this whole impeachment thing was pretty fruitless, with acquittal on the horizon. Susan Kent being elected as Minnesota's first female, Senate Minority Leader. A stop at the Klobo Shop, what are her chances looking like after the caucuses? And, the gang finally gets to give their hot, Super Bowl Halftime Show take. 

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Javier, Amy, Brian, and Lauren give their updates and opinions on the impeachment trial, and why it probably won't mean anything. The impending Iowa caucus and the Bernie Bind the Democratic seems to find itself in. Amy Klobuchar has some prosecuting skeletons in her closet. Talking Minnesota Senate leadership and the bitchy ad from the Lincoln Project. 

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Amy, Javier and Laura are joined this week by Jason Flohrs of Americans for Prosperity. Lots of impeachment talk, even though there really isn't much to talk about. The New York Times endorsement of Amy Klobuchar was, surprising? And Lauren debuts her new dialect. 

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Brian and Lauren are joined by Americans for Prosperity's, Jason Flohrs, and friend of the podcast, John Stiles. Talking the Democratic Debates and the Iowa Caucuses. Read all about the articles of Impeachment! Iran Admissions and the role of religion in politics. 

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Amy and Javier are joined again this week by Lauren Anderson of Brave New Workshop, and by Jeremy 'The Otter' Estensen. Iran, Iran, Iranna Danna. Lauren calls foul on more inside baseball discussion. And what's the deal with Beltrami County?


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Brian, Amy, and Javier are joined by Brave New Workshop's, Lauren Anderson. So we're pretty much getting into another war, right? It's Census time! Redistricting could be coming down the line. And what's with the recent Klobo-surge?

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Javier, Amy and Brian are joined by DFL Lawyer Lobbyist, Matthew Bergeron. It's the year in review and it's been an interesting one to say the least. Plenty of disappointment and discipline to go around. You've been great 2019, but we're happy to see you go. Happy New Year from the Wrong About Everything family!

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The gang is all together on this one. Lots more impeachment talk as this circus wraps up for the year. And could it be, more scandal at DHS? Yes, it could. Recent legislative retirements. And Carin shares some big news about the future.

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The gang is all together again on this one. Lots more impeachment talk, because tis the season. 'Jewish' is a nationality apparently. The latest elections in the UK, and a pit stop at the ol' One Stop Klobo Shop. 

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Brian, Amy, Javier, are joined by DFL Lawyer Guy, Matthew Bergeron, this week. We discussed the senate challenger to Leader Bakk, the tragic national guard helicopter crash, Democratic defections from the Primary Race. Our President being mocked by world leaders, & Asian Santa.

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Brian and Carin are joined this week by comedian, Corey Adam, and writer, Tricia Cornell. Unpacking this week of impeachment hearings. Mayor Pete's coming up in the polls, what does this mean for the democratic race? Fartgate continues to plague the media, and us. Minnesota Legislature retirements, and the passing of Representative Diane Loeffler.

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The gang is all together as they keep feeling out the new digs, complete with salad bar and champagne room. Diving head first into the impeachment hearings. A stop at the Klobo-shop and Deval Patrick enters the Democratic Clown Car. 

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The gang's all together on this one as they feel out their new digs at the MBC studios. They talk about the recent local elections and that the St. Paul Trash Wars have finally come to an end. And a closer look at the possible candidates to lead the Democratic party in the 2020 election. 

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The gang is all together on this one, as they're trying something new out, stay tuned for more info on that. More impeachment talk, this whole 'will they, won't they' story line is getting pretty tiresome. Talking about the Katie Hill scandal as no one else really seems to be. Representative Ilhan Omar is in trouble again, this time for what she wouldn't comment on, the acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide. And our continuing segment, TrashWars.

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Brian, Carin and Amy are joined by John Stiles this week, as Javier has 'trash' things to deal with. Amy's theory on coordinated attacks on former majority leaders. Lots of impeachment talk. Carin is calling Fake News on Hillary's, 'Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian Agent' comment, as she was in fact, misquoted. Mittens Romney inspires everybody to out their own secret Twitter accounts. And St. Paul continues to be fine! No, really, just fine. 


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Brian, Amy, and Javier are joined by Lady Lawyer, Emma Greenman. Although she has no interest in representing any of them. Going over the details of Amy getting hit by a car, spoiler alert, she's just fine and getting more press then ever. So how do we feel about the US engaging in a 'passive genocide' in the Middle East? Trump's tweets keep upping the ante in terms of crazy and entertainment, and how the vernacular is perforating its way into our culture. A quick stop on the Klobo-shop after the last debate, can we all agree that Biden is O-V-E-R? And St. Paul is FINE, no thanks to Amy. 

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The gang is all here to dive head first and dissect the Trump rally in Minneapolis, from both perspectives. The tensions were definitely high before, during and after the rally. How the fringe on both sides is becoming increasingly dangerous to us all. The Yang pill is the medicine the right refuses to take. Taking accountability for racism in the Republican party is crucial if they are going to move forward. And the hypocrisy on both sides, enough already.

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The gang is all together and there is much to discuss with the impending investigations that could lead to impeachment. Big concepts get thrown around, and both sides make their case. The wild claims against Elizabeth Warren, that are only helping her cause. Poor Bernie Sanders had a little shpilkes, but should be back just in time for New Hampshire. And in Minnesota news, primaries, primaries, primaries!

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Diving head first into the impeachment process. What is going to happen, anything, everything? Unpacking the actual motivations of the Bidens, and that they are a symptom of a bigger issue in this country. Al Franken is back in the spotlight and Carin shares a very personal story about male entitlement. Trash Wars with Javier, ya'll need to quit your dumping. And everyone needs to tone it down before things get ugly, or worse, violent. 


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The gang's all together on this one, and it's a good thing so we can untangle this whole Biden, Trump, Ukrainian thing. The Primaries continue to be uninspiring. Amy Woke is here to tell the story of how Minnesota's first lady, Gwen Walz, found herself in an embarrassing situation on public television, the bigger problem, the tape was asked to go away. And Twin Cities Sugar, Brian McDaniel, educates us on the new insulin legislation. 

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Javier, Carin and Amy are joined by Amy's son, but not really, Will Dammann, former intern to the program. The Democratic debates were pretty hard for everyone to digest, is there any candidate that can pass the 'electability' test? It certainly isn't Joe Biden at this point. Saying our goodbyes to another Trump cabinet member, John Bolton, but good riddance on this one. The latest enemy to the populace, Big Vape. In Minnesota news, legislators are in trouble, for creating jobs? Well there's more to it than that. 

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Finally back in a decent studio, Amy, Javier and Carin are joined by 'baby lawyer,' Leah Koch, she wishes she was that kind of Koch. In local news, we have a First Dog and Ilhan Omar's personal life continues unfold in the public eye. Why distinctions are very important when looking at this situation of campaign finance and infidelity. The Terrorist Watch list, how to get on and off of it, nobody really knows. And of course, spanks and thanks. 

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Wrong About Everything had another great show at the Minnesota State Fair!! Thank you to the live audience and our fantastic Day 2 guests Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan, Senator Mark Koran, Reps. Tony Albright, Raymond Dehn, & Brad Tabke.

Thank you to our sponsors Ryan Smith from the MN Credit Union Network & Alise Sjostrom from Redhead Creamery.

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The gang keeps the party rockin' at The Great Minnesota Gettogether with part 2 of their first Minnesota State Fair show for 2019! For this portion of the episode, they are joined by State Auditor Julie Blaha, Representative Cheryl Youakim, and Representative Dan Wolgamott to discuss crop art, the fair, and more.

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The gang is LIVE at the Great Minnesota Gettogether, and they're joined by Senator Karla Brigham, Brave New Workshop’s Lauren Anderson and comedian Brandi Brown to celebrate!

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Brian McDaniel, Javier Morillo, Amy Koch and Laura Sayles are Wrong About Everything!  Omar is not going to Israel.  Why does Klobuchar have no chance?  Trump tries to buy Greenland plus their weekly "Thanks and Spanks"

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Brian and Carin are joined this week by 'just Max Rymer' and Lady Lawyer Emma Greenman. It's a tough one but unpacking the mass shootings from over the weekend. What is driving this and where is it going? What are the solutions, where can we agree, if at all? Feral hogs, 30-50 of them, because everyone else is talking about them. There's an election in Minnesota coming up, again! Everybody hates Tony Cornish. And some spanks and thanks to wash it all down. 

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Carin, Amy, and Brian are joined by *self proclaimed* Lady Lawyer, Emma Greeman. Hands Free is here, thanks Brian. No, actually thank you. The never ending, unfolding drama of the Minnesota DHS. If we could just get rid of Governor Dayton, oh, wait... The Democratic Debates left a lot to be desired, can anyone rise to the occasion to defeat Trump?


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Amy, Javier and Carin are joined by honorary host at this point, Jason Flohrs. Continuing to unpack the DHS mess, the reasons behind the resignations. Ilhan has some new, unhinged competition. The recent article on Al Franken, questioning his departure. How do we feel about Mueller's testimony? Not great. Also, Jason is basically a liberal at this point. 

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Three's a crowd on this very special episode, a sudden cancellation leaves just Brian and Carin to celebrate Javier's 50th birthday! Aside from the horrifically annoying national news, there's a treasure trove of birthday voicemails from some of our favorite local officials to get to. Remembering and rescinding all the recent resignations, and speculating the hell out of what is going on. The North Carolina rally, the strategy behind it and what it means for our congresswoman. The reality that we live in, and what we can do about it.  

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The crew covers the Pledge of Allegiance controversy.  Census Madness, and Pelosi picking fights.  In the second half Ihlan Omar, plus the mess in Lake Minnetonka.

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Brian and Carin are joined by Americans for Prosperity's, Jason Flohrs, and filling in for Javier, THE John Stiles. The debates were hard to watch, did anyone make themselves look good, or was it just the opposite? The future of '2020.' Justice John Roberts giving us plenty to talk about with his decisions. Ilhan Omar continues to be scrutinized, for everything. And the easiest way not be apart of Pride if you don't agree, just don't go.

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Javier and Carin, who is finally back, are joined by the ever returning Jason Flohrs and former Minnesota House Majority Leader, Matt Dean. Well, the concentration summer camps are open and filling up quickly. Immigration Reform Jason also makes an appearance. Javier gives us a history lesson and warns of us of the coming deportations. 
And, we're going to war with Iran, wait, nevermind. It's Governor Flanagan, for a day. Also, Javier is still keeping busy and it's Matt Dean vs the squirrels. 

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Brian and Javier are joined by DFL Lady Lawyer, Emma Greenman and Americans for Prosperity's, Jason Flohrs. Brian tells his favorite Javier story. So what exactly did Trump say? Analyzing the George Stephanopoulos interview like its the Zapruder film. Quarantining Trump Derangement Syndrome, but who is actually afflicted? Also, Ilhan Omar's taxes, and relationships, have been called into question, again. One thing we can all agree on, campaign finance is confusing. And Javier is reacting to retirement in, different ways. 

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Brian, Amy, and Javier Ofjohnstiles are joined by lady lawyer, Emma Greenman. The census is happening, but it's a lot more complicated than you think. Joe Biden isn't into the Hyde Amendment, anymore. A cool, calm collected discussion on abortion follows. A quick stop at the klobo-shop. Campaign finance can be tricky. The feud between Javier and Andrew Zimmern is heating up, over ice cream. And Amy still continues to be the most famous person from Buffalo, MN. 

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Amy, Carin, and Javier are joined by Americans For Prosperity's, Jason Flohrs. Unpacking Mueller's statements, will he testify? We're not holding our breath. A pact on Twitter that Javier may need to tell us about. Is lobbying really going away? The swamp will always find a way to swamp.And, your one stop Klobo shop for all you need to know. 

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The gang's back together again for the first time in the studio in, awhile. Session and Game of Thrones is over, both endings were disappointing, so now what? In national news, everything is fine, because Trump says so. Are the fringes of both parties just making things more difficult for everyone? And Happy Memorial Day.

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The highly anticipated, almost lost into oblivion, episode recorded from the Minnesota Capitol is finally here. The gang recorded live last week from the hallowed halls of the state capitol to get interviews with the likes of State Representatives, Nick Zerwas, Brad Tabke, Jim Nash, and Jamie Becker-Finn as well as State Senator Andrew Lang. And that's not to be overshadowed by Javier's exclusive interview with John Stiles, letting us know everything going on with the state AG's office. 

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The gang's all here, and just in time to leave for the Governor's fishing opener. Amy Klobo's Fox News town hall, super fair and balanced. A very Minnesota minutiae heavy episode, explains the proper way in which to call bullsh*t. Game of Thrones and Alexa talk. And Republicans like English, so what?

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Brian, Carin, Amy, Javier, the gang's all here! Also, Javier is no longer a super D. More arguing about Mueller this week. Some arguing about Venezuela, for no reason in particular. Meanwhile in local news, the legislature is coming to a close, Mohamed Noor is found guilty, and it's called Lake Calhoun again? 

Direct download: WAE_050319.mp3
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Amy, Javier, and Carin, are joined by Jason Flohrs of Americans for Prosperity. Starting off with some Minnesota news, Joe Radghazi is back. Throwing gas tax on the fire, in other words there's an argument over some things. And, huge shocker, Joe Biden is running in 2020. 

Direct download: WAE_042619.mp3
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Brian, Amy, and a returning Carin are joined by Twin Cities writer and editor?, Tricia Cornell. The Mueller Report: well that was anticlimactic. Why the timing is terrible with 2020 on the horizon. The ridiculous theories surrounding the cause of the Notre Dame fire and the politicization of the conversation. And naturally, Representative Omar finds herself under the microscope over the whole thing. The incendiary climate of name calling, fueled and encouraged by our own President. 

Direct download: WAE_041819.mp3
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The gang is joined by lady lawyer, Emma Greenman this week. Sometimes in Minnesota, it piss snows in April. Saying goodbye to even more officials leaving us. It's Steve Miller time! The politicization of immigration, is just not right. The disheveled Julian Assange's arrest. Hands Free, welcome to Minnesota. Alexa is watching, and Amy doesn't care. Spank you and thank you, Representative Omar.

Direct download: WAE_041319.mp3
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Javier is joined this week by Mike Franklin, Millennial Republican, Will Dammann and Lady Lawyer, Emma Greenman. In important news, Javier is NOT moving to New Jersey. Or is old. More arguing about the Mueller report and how it will likely mean a 2020 victory for Trump, regardless if anyone likes it or not. We need to talk about Joe Biden and the problem with power. The greater need for a conversation about respect. Can we stop making fun of Mike Pence, no? Ok. After the break, it’s on to arguing about Governor Walz’s gas tax and the Dayton school of negotiating. And again, no, Javier is not moving to New Jersey, right?

Direct download: WAE_040519.mp3
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Javier and Amy are joined this week by Jason Flohrs, from Americans for Prosperity, and immigration attorney, Kara Lynum. Well, the Mueller Report is out, but is that it? It's time we talk about Chicago. Jussie Smollett being just a small part in an even bigger issue. The uphill battle of passing gun legislation in Minnesota. And naturally, 2020 warrants discussion, how will this end?  

Direct download: WAE_032919.mp3
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Brian and Carin are joined this week by GOP lobbyist, Jeremy "The Otter" Estenson, and local writer, Tricia Cornell. Governor Walz is wasting no time pissing people off with his policies, case in point: the gas tax. New Zealand has had enough of guns in the wake of a devastating mass shooting. Even from beyond the grave, McCain is still an enemy to Trump. And trying, yet failing, to maintain a sense of optimism for the 2020 Democratic hopefuls. 

Direct download: WAE_032219.mp3
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What a week, but we say that every week. The New Zealand shooting and all the things that can add up to a tragic event like this. Ant Becky with The Good Hair: the unfolding of the college bribing scandal. Jacob Wohl wishes he were Javier? St. Paul, despite popular opinion, is not boring, there's even a new 'Night Mayor.' 

Direct download: WAE031519.mp3
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'Positive Toxicity' at its finest this week. The chance to vote against bigotry and choosing not to. Things Carin hates about Democrats. Ilhan Omar continues to put her foot in her mouth and the left doesn't know what to do about it. The difference between criticizing Israel vs being anti-semitic. In local news, yet another jizz bill: boner pills for those in need, and a million dollar idea is born. 

Direct download: WAE_030819.mp3
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Jason Flohrs from Americans for Prosperity as well as former Deputy Campaign Manager of the Karin Housley campaign and current state capitol worker, Will Dammann, join Javier and Carin this week. Your one stop Klobo-shop is right here. Unpacking these 'staff abuse' allegations, where they could be coming from. Will anyone on the left be able to bring it home in 2020? Laura Loomer and Jacob Wohl are back in the land of 10,000 lakes, but why? And Maryland, above or below the Mason-Dixon line?

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In this abridged episode, the gang focuses on Minnesota news, and there is plenty of it. The Walz administration has put forth their new budget, and it's ruffling more than a few feathers. Why we'll be passing on the snow ball fight with the Snow Bros, and Spanks and Thanks all around. 

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The gang takes an in depth look into presidential candidate and Minnesota senator, Amy Klobuchar. News articles and personal anecdotes provide analyses of her history of public service, but does she have what it takes to become Madame President?

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Comedian, John Gebretatose, joins this week while Javier's location remains undisclosed. The workplace lore of Amy Klobuchar, as well as her iconic presidential announcement. The gang speculates 2020 as prospects continue to shake out. And Ilhan is becoming a problem, what's Pelosi going to do about it? It's a national emergency in Trump's book, and an abuse of power in everyone else's. 

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Jason Flohrs of Americans for Prosperity and immigration attorney Kara Lynum join Amy and Javier this week. A recap of the State of the Union and why everyone in Virginia should just resign. The 'subtle' nuances of Black Face. Republicans need to chill out on AOC. In Minnesota news, Amy K's big announcement, and workplace etiquette.

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Lady lawyer, Emma Greenman joins the gang this week. The names are filing in for 2020, yet Carin continues to 'endorse' Sherrod Brown. But who and what is best for the country? In Minnesota news, there's a special election and the effort of making Labs the official state dog. Also, lemonade stands, legal marijuana and strong three legged stools. And, Amy is still at odds with the stamps and the post office in general. 

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The gang is joined by immigration attorney, Kara Lynum, who shares a story about her trip to the border. An interesting, spicy week in divisive politics on a national level. The government is reopened. The Covington Kids and what exactly does the MAGA hat really mean? In Minnesota news, some interesting bills were introduced on the capitol floor, and a special election takes place. 

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Brian, Amy, and Javier are joined by Labor Lobbyist, Laura Sayles this week. Recapping Plaid Prom and Amy's newfound activism. Ilhan Omar is a little irresponsible with her words at best and cringey at worst. Trump's lack luster catering event that's catching some flack, and Steve King's not-so-secret, secret. 

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The shutdown continues. Chuck and Nancy look like they took the log flume. Trump doubles down and is all in, at the same time, with his address. Amy Klobuchar can't get a meeting, so she takes to Twitter to deem it, 'uncool.' The legislature is back in session, it was a quiet week, aside from a fight over the rules. Remembering an Iron Range legend, Tom Rukavina. Beto takes a trip to the dentist, and no one cares. 

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The gang is back in 2019! Swearing in the new class of representatives in DC was not the only use of that term this week. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to bother people for unwarranted reasons. Buckle up, Elizabeth Warren will be running in 2020. Oh, and the shutdown is still happening. In Minnesota news, legislature is back in session starting next week and Garrison Keillor is leaving town. 

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It's the end of the year award show spectacular! A year in review from the gang. Minnesota or national politics, nothing is safe. Thanks 2018, you've been interesting to say the least. 

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Goodbye to Mattis and hello to Trump's terrible foreign policy decision. It looks like a shutdown in inevitable, which leads the gang down memory lane as they talk their favorite past government shutdown moments. And the Gofundme for the Wall is at a cool million. Thanks 2018, you did not disappoint. What in the heck is going on with Governor Dayton? 



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Trump really wants to 'shut it down!' and other things we've learned from that tense meeting with Schumer and Pelosi. And who is really to blame for all this? Recent Dems or old Repubs? Criminal justice reform just makes good dollars and sense. And maybe Minnesota republicans lost so bad because they were too 'Trump-like?' Also, there's a caucus block happening in Minnesota. 

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Brian, Carin, Amy, and Javier come together to celebrate Hanukkah and, the surplus. Oh no, France is burning! Is Minnesota headed that way too? A 'racially charged' tree takes the blame at a local precinct. Goodbye GHWB, everyone else, leave Hillary Clinton alone! And what is going on with Wisconsin?

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The new Mueller report could be incredibly damning of the current administration, when will republicans bid ado to Trump? Who exactly is lying and who should be held accountable? In local news: the snow shoveling conspiracy. The removal of the 'mute button' at the capitol, plus, Brian's rough and tumble, 'goon' days. And, Amy Klobuchar and the Mark Dayton School of Negotiation. 

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Brian, Carin, Amy and Javier are all together in one place, for a Spanksgiving episode, that turns inappropriate real quick. The last few months of Dayton being governor and other Minnesota news. Laura Loomer vs Ilhan Omar ends in a Twitter ban. And only thanks and thanks for this special episode. 

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Brian, Carin, Javier are joined by Jeremy 'Otter' Estenson again this week! Election recounts and what's wrong with Florida? The gang tries to make sense of it all in the continuing fall out from the midterm elections. Nancy Pelosi vs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Not exactly. And, show Mark Dayton some respect!

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The gang is back together for the first time in a long time!
All together in one place, Brian, Carin, Javier and Amy have an election post mortem, where did the parties and candidates go wrong? Keith Ellison doesn't want anything to do with Carin & Javier's musical suggestions. And, what exactly is going on in Florida? 

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The second part of the gang's triumphant return focuses more on the Land of 10,000 lakes and all the goings on as the state prepares for the midterm elections. Dive in head first with these election predictions, and of course, we take some time for spanks & thanks. 


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After a couple weeks off, the gang is finally back from New York. Javier, Carin, and Brian are joined by lobbyist Jeremy 'Otter' Estenson, for a jam packed episode. Almost too much national news from the last couple weeks to fit into one episode but they did it.  The migrant caravan, asylum vs immigration, how it's not the same thing. And is the current administration fostering anti-semitic attitudes within the public? 

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Brian and Carin are joined this week by immigration attorney Kara Lynum and Jason Flohrs from Americans for Prosperity. The democrats have leveled up in their political violence tactics, is it justified? What does being a sanctuary city actually entail? Where do candidates Walz and Johnson fall in this? The Attorney General race is heating up for sure: Keith Ellison's divorce records were unsealed this week and Doug Wardlow is concerned about the 'other' constitution. Jason isn't going to read Teen Vogue any more. 

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Brian and Carin are joined this week by Jason Flohrs of Americans for Prosperity and comic and podcaster, Brandi Brown. Election Day is nearing, will the campaign money hold out until then? Judge Kavanaugh is now Justice Kavanaugh, will it stay that way? Goodbye to Nikki Haley, we 'will remember you.' Keith Ellison's divorce records will be unsealed and available for all to see. The Minneapolis city council can't get on the same page on informing its citizens of their rights. Is it the end of civility in our country?


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Regulars, Mike Franklin and Javier, are joined by podcast host, Max Rymer and DFL Lobbyist, Matt Bergeron. Things get messy, again, as the bros make their way through Kavanaugh's possible confirmation. Javier lays into Lindsay Graham, well not literally. The guys somehow find their way to bipartisan agreement over the Keith Ellison allegations. 


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Carin and Amy are joined for this 'Girls Only' episode by Mahogany Plautz of Carve Salon in Minneapolis, and Producer Brianne from Twin Cities News Talk and the Wrong About Everything podcast, to discuss all the things that have been going on, through a woman's lense.
Diving head first into the Kavanaugh hearing, some of the finer cultural overtones shading this whole situation. How Clarence Thomas, his accusations, and subsequent hearing really set the tone and precedent. Did 'Bubba' Clinton ever really get his due? And in the larger picture, what can we as women, really do to make things better?


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Javier, Carin, Amy Koch and Walter Hudson from Twin Cities News Talk's, Closing Argument. It's been an extremely polarizing week in national politics, so that means things get pretty heated. The gang breaks down the ins and outs of the Kavanaugh hearing, and in some strange way figure out how to agree. And who exactly has been tracking Jeff Johnson? And the unsealing of Keith Ellison's divorce records.  


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Javier, Brian, Carin and Mike Franklin tackle the most important issues happening in the political sphere. They break down the opposing sides of the Kavanaugh abuse issue. Sex scandals that have come out in the current #MeToo climate, why they're different than before. Diving deep into women's issues, and why they affect all of us.

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Carin and Brian are joined this week by Jason Flohrs from Americans for Prosperity and immigration attorney, Kara Lynum. Hurricane Florence will soon make landfall and where Trump actually fits into all of this. How ICE may be in some way involved, and the bad prioritization throughout the government at large. Why we are, and should still be talking about Puerto Rico. KSTP has released some new polls and the results are somewhat surprising, but not for why you may think. Oh, and Jason is now a social justice warrior. 

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It was the dumbest week in US political history, and Javier, Mike, Brian and John Stiles are here to break it all down! From the Brett Kavanaugh hearings to anonymous leakers, there is plenty of news to talk about this week!

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This week it's Javier, Carin, Brian and Former Jordan City Councilman, Mike Franklin. Did their primary predictions come true? Some more than others, with a few surprises. The urban/rural divide was more evident than ever in the latest primaries. Keith Ellison and the fall out, what is the truth? And what went so wrong for Lori Swanson.

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Brian and Carin are joined this week by professional busy person, Amy Koch, and DFL lawyer and lobbyist, Matt Bergeron. The weekend is too long when the primaries are next week. Lori Swanson runs a tight ship with her 'campaign budget.' Predictions all around. And the Right to Work in the deep, 'blue,' south.

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Carin and Brian are joined by immigration attorney Kara Lynum and Walter Hudson, host of TCNT's Closing Argument, dive deep straight away into the Blevins shooting in Minneapolis and police tactics. The "Problem" with Tim Pawlenty. And Donald Trump can't seem to get along with anyone, even the Koch brothers, which leads us to, Globalism vs Free Trade.

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Carin, Javier, Mike and Brian give a Minnesota Tonight recap of the gang's appearance, Javier celebrates a big birthday, and doesn't want to be reminded. President of the EU makes an appearance, and makes everything better?  Javier breaks down his issue with 'LatinX.' Polling is suddenly a hot topic. And the gubernatorial race is heating up in Minnesota, with no indication of where it's headed. 

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The gang discusses Trump embracing Putin with open arms and then feeling the GOP heat from the backlash that followed. Plus, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be the GOP's best hope and Rick Nolan is kinda creepy.

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